*14 - STY penangites unity trip's sketch

7th June SAT
* i try to borrow my cousin's car n see...

12pm - thinking to meet michelle for lunch
* coz im alone for lunch :P

4pm - meet JZ n Kee at pacific
* pacific is the only place JZ know how to go... swt~

5pm - BM tokun forest tea spa
* i treat u guyz la... chef recommended: herbal tea egg... ben been b4 edi... so dun need care bout him

7pm - dinner at chai leng park mayb
* long time i've never been there... n good for someone who didnt go b4 :P but one prob, chai leng park n BM quite far o...

9pm - meet ben fucker !!!
* i duno his house though... how ar??

10pm till late night - auto city
* ben suggest vivo clubbing last night, told him we all pokkai... mayb juz hang out at bistro... but if he wanna pay for us i wont mind :P

overnight - Ben's house

8th June SUN
10am - Qit Long Kuey Teow Teng
* very nice one... at raja uda... ben wanna eat...

11am - island we go~
* MUST be ferry !!! i wan FERRY !!! hehe...

12pm till 7pm - under michelle's authority...
* she's the boss... hehe...

7pm - to Tambun for seafood
* should WAT ben treat us leh... coz he FFK...

10pm - back penang n under michelle's authority again...

overnight - michelle's house...
* paise ya... n see others wanna stay or not lo, coz i also paise alone nia leh... :P hehe

9th June MON
morning - I hate this part...
* back to reality really... oh god... i can see UPM now... swt~

*13 - STY Hotspring trip Overview

Arrrggh !! Michelle took the 1st step for blogging this trip... hehe... my reason for blogging late is i juz received all the pictures of the trip... im not lazy like michelle ok?? im so hardworking ... RAJIN u know? hehe :P

since michelle's blog got a perfect description of our trip edi... i'll juz add on me, mine, myself, and own thoughts... hehehe... ok la ok la... i admit tat juz an excuse... im lazy to write the whole story... hehe

OMG.. my youngest brother is "rubbing" his ass on my hand!!! -_-||| clubbing in my room?? shuu shhuu~ ok... continue... Story goes... Once upon a time... there is a crazy guy in klang... bla bla bla... haha... no la... my story doesnt starts like tat... jk...
As usual... packing excitedly in the morning b4 my trip... my mum even tapao breakfast for me... scare i undergo hypoglycemia on the road i think... suddently~ *chenelle feat cham - i fell in love with the DJ* someone called me n told me they are at ipoh... i was like... SHOCKED =.= its juz near 10am, not even 10am... oya... im still at home... lalala~ (we suppose to meet at 12pm u know?)
Wah... wat a long long journey... u know wat... i slept at 4am... n i woke up at 7 something... excitement is not enough to sustain my alertness for driving... i was "fishing" on the road (no big catch though)... until im awake to take this pic... i reached IPOH!!! saw tat ipoh's signature mountains ?? hehe... i dont think u can find it elsewhere...

Feeling kinda weird u know... to be alone wif CPP n CPPK waiting for michelle, kee, JZ... coz i dont know CPPK at 1st... n CPP... juz kinda long story... hehe... but everything went well though... :) got nothing wrong wif CPP n CPPK so everything was going fine... CPPK isnt hard to get along wif too... we knew each other better when he is in my car on our way for lunch at the genuine old town coffee shop...
Kee kee feeling shy?? hahahaha~ oya... finally i saw how a "ji dan gao" looks like... XD

We reached our destination safely... though our "food barrel" lost its balance n tumble on JZ's car seats... The staff, Kak Ika tat checked us in n assist me in our booking was very friendly... had a very good experience wif them...
enjoyed our afternoon soaking in hotspring water... Anyway, to clarify something... i wrapped my head is for the convenience of towel "transporting" ok?? :P actually i also duno y i did it... pics looks ugly so its not available in my blog... hehehe~
had our special bitter steamboat tat day cause of unknown reason... should be the ingredients... experiment indicates that it is not the vegetables n taufu... and we got a solid conclusion of 2 out of 6 person hav bitter in-sensitivity gene defects... hehe XD
the most romantic night... in the jacuzzi pool, under the moonlight, 1 cup of softdrink... plus a basket of tropical fruits... wah... Unfortunatly is not my wife :/ ceh~ its JZ... lol... im not gay, dont worry... lol... shivering after we come out of the pool but its the best experience we had... too bad for those who didnt join us :P (next part only we understand i suppose) due to some unrevealable circumstances... as a fren... "Sek Zou" la... Giv the couple some privacy... bath earlier lo~ hehehe...

very talkative us had so much to talk... north south east west we went... only until someone, the kee kee went voiceless... she slept -_-||| should find some toothpaste to draw her face... wasted a golden opportunity...
Gua Tempurung day... after reading michelle's blog, i notice something... All the KKKs are very difficult to wake them up... Kelvin, Kee Kee n Kevin... wakaka... had a hard time to convince michelle to join us for gua tempurung... hehe... 1st time i found my 1st aid kit useful :)

Trip's net gain:
1. a new friend
2. stronger STY + JZ friendship bonding
3. experience of the world's most bitter steamboat O.o
4. JZ finally knows to play the "21" & "cheat"
5. Michelle learnt "cho dai ti" & "cheat"
6. finally know wat is "ji dan gao" XD

Should hav trips like this every year... hehe...

*12 - Mummy's Notes

i LOVE you, my cute cute mummy~
LOL... suddently i feel my mummy really cute, despite my wife said tat since long time ago...

My mum is going 短期出家 at 东禅寺, jenjarom for 5 days... u know la... 没妈妈的日子,也不会很好过啦... so many scheduled chores to be done... to ensure my house is till in order or rather prevent it from collapsing... my mum left tons of instruction manual, time table, to-do list as reminder n etc etc etc... in various place... u will be amazed wat she did~
knowing the laziness of Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee and Mr. Lee... 3 Mr. Lee(s) hehe... my mum stick a pen holder on the wall too -_-|||
after i saw all the task wif remark "Kelvin"... i was "Mi~ why i got so many things n trip to do??"... u know wat mummy answer? she wrote another paper, n stick on the wall~ -_-|||
learnt a new word today... "altar" hehe... but my mummy spell "altur", either way i still duno wat tat word means until i asked her... "sin tok" mummy answered "u university student duno wat tat mean ar?" hehe... paiseh paiseh...

hor... the last task of this five days is - fetch the QUEEN home... then im suppose to be a prince then :P

tomolo morning will be my 1st task edi... fetch my bro to school for dancing practice at 8.15am... i didnt wake up so early since my finals... oh god~

*11 - Penangites Going Home

25 May 2008
O great... im back from the 1st ever STY trip... although only Sam Tui Yao manage to go, we still hav a great time wif JZ, CPP and CPPK (CPP's Kevin) hehe... stay tuned for photoblog of the hotspring trip :)

Now anticipating for the next STY + JZ gathering... at penang during the 1st week of June... confirmed im going on 4th of June (wed), wif my mum n dad ONLY, no brothers :( they coming back klang on the 6th of june (friday)... staying at Gurney hotel coz that ikea styled G hotel is fully booked... aiseh... havent stay there b4 leh...

i can stay at penang till 9th of June but ONLY IF someone "accept" me for friday night, sat night n sun night... then monday morning/noon can sit bus back to my air polluted home... kekeke~ kesian me... who ar who ar ?? any volunteer ?? :P anyway, i think i will stay in my aunt house on friday night, juz the problem is im in raja uda wif no transport, then mushroom farming again ??? :/

Must-do during this penang trip:
1. drag tat fucker ben out
2. kee kee not exempted also
3. eat michelle's chee cheong fun
4. bring tat "suspected-non-penangite" to juru's auto city
5. duck egg char kuey teow at Ben's Nan Mei Yuan
6. seventh road (qit long) kuey tiao teng breakfast
7. my forest tea spa, tokun BM visit
8. Apollo market jalan jalan (kee's request)
9. "Shake shake~" penang night life
10. of coz my every penang trip favourite, ferry boarding !!!
11. and many many more~ list beh liao la...

26 May 2008 update
Wooo~ today my mum was asking me... where can jalan jalan during the 3 days in penang... coz my daddy is leaving his Honda Civic for both of us... wakaka~ at least im free to run :P

*10 - Questionnaires

Miss exam?? Then why am i answering SAQ ques ?? Hmmm~ Just to join the "fashion" :P
1. How old will you turn in 2009?
- 22 ... Sien :/

2. Do you think you'll be married by then?
- Definitely no unless....

3. What do you look forward to most in
- Stable financial sources for feeding my family n a BMW... wakaka

4. Who was the last person to call you?
- my wife

5. Do you prefer call or text?
- call

6. Do you have any pets?
- nope

7. What were you doing at 10.30 p. m. last night?
- just reach home after fetching my bro from tuition

8. What will you be doing at 3 a. m.?
- WILL ?? sleeping i think...

9. When is the last time you saw your mom?
- 20 mins ago...

10. How many houses have you lived in?
- 6 :/

11. How many cities have you lived in?
- Penang, Klang... does vacation counts ??

12. Do you prefer shoes, socks or... bare feet?
- sandals... lalala

13. Do you like coffee?
- SURE ! muz "gao gao" one...

14. What are you listening to?
- Florida ft.T Pain - Low ... Shawty got low low low low low low low~

15. Do you sleep on a certain side of
the bed?
- yap

16. Do you know how to play poker?
- nop... but know how to play poker card :D

17. What are you thinking about right now?
- wat's the answer for ur question !!!

18. Any plans for this weekend?
- Yeah~ STY hotspring trip !!!

19. Have you ever been in an ambulance?
- yap... sit for fun only...

20 Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?
- as long as it's water i'll love it

21. What is your favorite thing to
spend money on?
- Gadgets~ im broke

22. Do you wear accessories 24 / 7?
- nop

23. Who is the funniest person you
- a lot la wei...

24. Do you shut off the water while you
brush your teeth?
- sometimes

25. Do you wish someone was with you
right now?
- Sure... but sounds impossible

26. Are you mad about anything?
- nope

27. What are you excited for?
- Tomolo's STY hotspring trip !!!

*9 - 《冷暖人生》 陈坚最后的76小时

Just finish watching one documentary on cctv... 《冷暖人生》 - 陈坚最后的76小时... I just watched a man's will to live... A man fought for so many hours literally in front of me... and yet... he too, leave in front of me... The whole video made me cried ...他坚持了三天后获救,却在担架上永远睡着...



*8 - Cycle of Life

Yaya... my great cycle of life continues... that is damn lots of outings n lepak-ing plans during the weekend while tons of boredom at home during the weekdays...

It's a working day... as usual, wake up at 12.15pm :P... take a walk around the house **up up down down**... with exceptional silence of less than 40dB (good for hearing :D)... Arrrggh... im alone again~

Yesterday i spent rm200... hehe... my wife gotta kill me... she said she is jealous to my car again... hehe :P i went TINTED !!! Yeah~ finally... got myself a 80% infrared rejection film... a lot cooler when travelling... sure will enjoy it during the hotspring trip driving... wakaka

Shot taken wif my O2, not as clear as my IXUS of course... The tinted colour is called titanum gold... slightly gold in colour... visible light transmission is juz only 35% (J*J non-approval)
hehe... shouldnt be a prob since outsider still can see through the windows, unlike the black tint i used to hav ;)

As u can see, the film is highly reflective... so in some angle, one might not be able to look through... hehe... that's why i love it~

While taking photo of my car, saw one of my dad's 杜鹃花 like very fertile leh... Huge stem it had n lots of flowers... took a shot of another 杜鹃花 beside it... 天渊之别~

Dedicate this to all my friends :D
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
This is wat friends are for... hehe... :P

*7 - 四川大地震特辑

No words can explain the sadness and pain watching the aftermath of the 8.0 earthquake in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province. I cried while watching the live news from cctv. As of May 19, 34,073 are confirmed dead, and 245,108 injured. 4.8 million people are left homeless. A three-day period of national mourning at China for the quake victims had just declared today. May those who perished in Sichuan earthquake rest in peace. May those who survived, live well~

(selected quotes from news) u'll feel their pain~











当医生给她输上药水后,她还在不停地问老师“廖丽呢”。她哽咽着说,事发时,她只听见一阵阵惊慌的尖叫声后就昏过去了。醒来时,白天已变成黑夜,浑身痛 得要命,她想起身,但却被一块块破碎的水泥板压住,难以动弹。在饥寒交迫中,一身是伤的她好几次想入睡,但上方有一个女孩子的声音传了过来——“千万不要 睡,你一睡万一醒不来怎么办?”

被碎石压在上面无法动弹的女孩告诉她,自己叫廖丽,是三年级一班的学生。她和小蒋虽不相识,但听到她 的呻吟声后,担心她在疲倦中不小心睡着了丢命,就鼓励她要坚强地活下去。为了赢得生机,原本不相识的她们俩在废墟里不停地相互鼓劲,最终为官兵叔叔赢得了 时间。廖丽被救出后,接着她也被救了出来。她说,“我们经过了生死考验结下的情谊,将一生无法忘却。”

废墟上有一个缝隙,孩子可能在这里面!凭着一贯的经验,周军拿着手电照向这个深不见底的 黑洞。复杂的情况出现了,黑洞里穿插着一根又一根突出的钢筋,从大量断裂的横梁里戳向各个方向。大家全都屏息凝望,突然黑洞深处传来了一个女童的声音,周 围的家长们一齐围到附近:在那边!在那边!周军立即向里面大声喊道:“小朋友,不要怕,叔叔来救你了,你能告诉叔叔你在哪里吗?”一个细微的声音从下面传 了上来:“叔叔,我不怕,我在里面,我的腿上有东西压着!”

听到了孩子的回声,周军与救援队员兴奋地互相看了一眼:孩子活得好好的! 可一块块大水泥块压在女孩上面,破拆的动作只要一不小心,就会给女孩带来灭顶之灾。他开始对四周仔细观察,将一些容易发生断裂的水泥横梁用液压棒固定起 来。终于可以打通一个救援通道!然而孩子的准确方位在哪儿?孩子怎么没了声音?就在这时,废墟的底下传来女童稚嫩的歌声,“两只老虎跑得快,跑得快……” 女孩竟然在黑漆漆的废墟底下唱起了歌!在满目疮痍的废墟堆边守候了两天的家长们听到这孩子天真的声音已经泣不成声。周军告诉记者,当女童的歌声从废墟里传 出来时,他好像听到了天籁之音,他唯一的想法就是,那样纯洁的生命不该就这样逝去!自己只要努力再努力,就能将女孩救出来!


*6 - Introduction: Selenelion

I'll like to share about the essential of this blog including it's name, Selenelion and the inner meaning of it.

The Semi-Eclipsed Moon

Being not satisfied with all the templates that blogspot originally offer, i went googling for a nicer template. After glancing through a few pages, i came across this magnificent template with a semi-eclipsed moon background. I love it! :)

The Seeking of Selenelion

"i'll need a relevant name for this blog then~" i told myself. I searched across the internet about eclipse moon and stuff, to look for inspiration to name my blog. One word from wikipedia caught my attention, Selenelion.

Selenelion n. (astronomy)
- or selenehelion
- A phenomenon occurs when both the Sun and the eclipsed Moon can be observed at the same time.

Myth and Lore of Eclipse

Eclipse moon are aften associated with darkness, danger, bad luck etc regardless of race and tribes. For example, the chinese believe that a dragon swallowed the Moon during an eclipse and beating the mirrors, fire cannons, beating the drums would cause the dragon to cough it up and return it to the sky. The Ge', Amazonian tribes of Brazil, believe that eclipses are a result of a fight between Sun and Moon. Or the Serrano Indians, believe an eclipse is the spirits of the dead trying to eat the Moon.

In modern days, i found that eclipse is used to describe "fallen", "broken hearts", "loneliness" etc. One good example will be one of my favourite oldies, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler which i initially thought to make it the background music for this blog.
So, why Selenelion?

With all the negative meanings of eclipse, I found Selenelion is very meaningful. Sun and the eclipse moon can be observed at the same time. What i thought of was, there is brightness, hope, supports (the Sun) although u are in despair (eclipse moon). We cant deny there is always obstacles in life that makes u fall, but we must clearly believe that we are still able to put ourself back together because hope is always present.

This is why i choose Selenelion. There is always Eclipse Moon and more importantly the Sun exist together in our life.

*5 - 无话可说

Received 2 sms from my fellow cousemate / colleague / respected setiausaha agung...

1st sms:
Helo, azmh here.ni name coursemate yg join treasure hunt- farhana,farah,lutfi,faizi,arif,atikah,kazimah, atikah,dayang,ken,vasu,victoria.
2nd sms:

Tp sy lpa nm 2-4org.skrg ni,laptop sy rosak,so snrai pnh xder.sy lp chinese stdnt yg join
Muahahahaha ... 无话可说 ... 救我 ~

*4 - Trip to Small Genting 140508

Yest night... we 3 SR dudes (Mika, King, Kelvin) went up to small genting since we are so free n got nothing to spend :/

This is the 1st time i went there... Heard it b4, saw it's pic b4, but never had a chance to go up... But i had a hard time memorizing the road though... too much turns i suppose...

Anyway, i think that the road may need some patch jobs soon before someone gets hurt...

We spent our time at the Gasoline Cafe... Noticed it doesnt hav the best view... The best unobstructed view is from a western food restaurant... If i bring my wife there i'll certainly go for tat western food :)

A nice place to relax n pattoh indeed... Staring at the skyline of Kuala Lumpur wif all the bright shiny lights... Different thoughts will come into ur mind...

Something isnt right... notice that bright clouds of light on top of the Twin Tower? The twin tower is the brightest among all the buildings in the big city... According to Readers Digest, Kuala Lumpur is one of the city filled with serious light pollution... I bet we wont be seeing any stars here even the sky is clear...

有第一次,一定有第二次... I'll be there again~

*3 - New Interface for my O2 Stealth

Finally... found something very stunning for my depreciated O2 XDA Stealth... (2nd hand selling price RM600... Swt~)

I can say that for 1 year i had my Stealth, only now i truely enjoying a WM5 powered PDA... Hmmm... take a long time huh...

Firstly, im so free nowadays to read through every pages about WM5. Found a way of "hacking" the windows registry by using PHM registry edit to make my Stealth "write" chinese words... Spend my whole day to get this done. This is the page that i refered to, but i didnt use it's font though, i went to steal another better chinese font (copyrighted ones) ...

Poof~ My Stealth is displaying chinese SMS... wakaka :D ...

Next exciting modification i did to my Stealth is .... *drum roll~* The new PointUI Home (Point User Interface) ... Muahahahaha~ I dont need to fumble for a stylus anymore as Home is designed with generously sized finger friendly controls... It has intuitive controls and a highly responsive user interface... Somehow it has a iphone or ipod touch experience coz it uses slide navigation which i love a lot :)... using the featured Applet Ribbon ™... Clock (analog/digital), tasks, appointments, calendar and weather forecasts and current temperatures from yahoo can be easily reach... With so much feature n slick interface, so how much i'd paid for it ?? Answer is... FOC... what u need is a bit effort to search it from the internet... hehe... i attached a few screenshots of my Stealth for sharing :)

*The "Home" screen. * Klang's weather (going to rain) *Power management *Contact Page

* My Applications * Wireless settings * Calls Registry (Lots of Ben's call)

Last but not least, the 3rd thing i added to my stealth is the S2P mp3 player... hehe... very nice interface indeed... does it look familiar to u? Yes... it's the ipod touch interface :) although not 100% the same... of course it also features slide nagivation, easy playlist management bla bla bla... I'll say the best mp3 player i had now... hehe

So what u think? Compare to my old WM5 interface, dull windows media player, and no chinese character displaying... It's a huge breakthrough for my O2 XDA Stealth :D

One word to describe all... EXCITED !!!

*2 - 1st ever STY trip

Destinations: Sg. Klah Hotspring and Gua Tempurung
Suggested Dates: 23-24 May (Fri, Sat)
Budget: RM200-RM250 (including food, accomodation and travel fare)

1st day
9am --------- Fellow bioMAD leave from Penang
10am ------- Kelvin leave from Klang
12pm ------- Meet at Sungkai, n lunch
2pm -------- Check in n relax~
7.00pm ----- Steamboat Dinner

2nd day
8.00am ----- Check out n leaving to Gua Tempurung
10am ------- Gua Tempurung Grand Tour
4pm --------- On our way to North
5pm --------- Suggest Ipoh for lunch + hi-tea + dinner (3 in 1)
7pm --------- Reach Penang/ Klang
*** anyone wanna “accept” me in Penang ??

Recommended to bring:
1- Some convenient snack (bread, maggie, chocolate)
2- Sleeping bag

MUST bring:
1- Torch Light (must) – Better if waterproof
2- Swimming Suit (must)
3- Towel n Showering “tools” – for bathing after Gua Tempurung

*1 - My 1st Blog Post ?

Neh... This isnt my 1st blog...

The reason why i start a blog at blogger.com is because i demand for more privacy... Had one blog in friendster... but as u know, when i update any post, it will send notification to all my friendster contacts... Sometimes something juz isnt convenient to show everyone... to avoid unwanted misunderstanding... hmmm... (lots of funny ppl i met recently)

Had a lot of things to blog last few weeks... including my "private" trips during holidays, bla bla bla... but i restrain myself to post it on friendster blog...

Stay tuned for future post :) Especially my holiday events...

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P