*11 - Penangites Going Home

25 May 2008
O great... im back from the 1st ever STY trip... although only Sam Tui Yao manage to go, we still hav a great time wif JZ, CPP and CPPK (CPP's Kevin) hehe... stay tuned for photoblog of the hotspring trip :)

Now anticipating for the next STY + JZ gathering... at penang during the 1st week of June... confirmed im going on 4th of June (wed), wif my mum n dad ONLY, no brothers :( they coming back klang on the 6th of june (friday)... staying at Gurney hotel coz that ikea styled G hotel is fully booked... aiseh... havent stay there b4 leh...

i can stay at penang till 9th of June but ONLY IF someone "accept" me for friday night, sat night n sun night... then monday morning/noon can sit bus back to my air polluted home... kekeke~ kesian me... who ar who ar ?? any volunteer ?? :P anyway, i think i will stay in my aunt house on friday night, juz the problem is im in raja uda wif no transport, then mushroom farming again ??? :/

Must-do during this penang trip:
1. drag tat fucker ben out
2. kee kee not exempted also
3. eat michelle's chee cheong fun
4. bring tat "suspected-non-penangite" to juru's auto city
5. duck egg char kuey teow at Ben's Nan Mei Yuan
6. seventh road (qit long) kuey tiao teng breakfast
7. my forest tea spa, tokun BM visit
8. Apollo market jalan jalan (kee's request)
9. "Shake shake~" penang night life
10. of coz my every penang trip favourite, ferry boarding !!!
11. and many many more~ list beh liao la...

26 May 2008 update
Wooo~ today my mum was asking me... where can jalan jalan during the 3 days in penang... coz my daddy is leaving his Honda Civic for both of us... wakaka~ at least im free to run :P

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