*260 - World gone topsy-turvy

Had a hard time trying to write up my research proposal but seems like im hit with the writer's block. For a proposal that is.

Dont u think that the world now gone topsy-turvy? Natural disaster... Economy meltdown... Political instability... Everything seems to be stuck somewhere.

This all happens when the homo sapiens thinks that they are so intelligent and superior for being able to create systems which thought to be able to control everything. Human thinks that they owned the earth; they controlled barter; they controlled other people. Dont u think so?

So many things covered-up, so many conspiracy, so many systems imperfect. By careful studying the history of mankind, every advancement every civilization rise and fall. And the economics that we're going through now are ought to be reform. Mayb around my grandchildren time.

The worst part is that not much people currently are aware of all these things. Big guns sits too tall now and they forget the subordinates. One day... the repressed under the current system will revolt to provide a refresh to this world.

ps: good to be an academician.

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