*38 - Sem-break Plans

Oh god~ finally im having my two month sem-break. Been a hell for the last 14 weeks of pharmacology, applied molecular biology (AMB) and immunology which studies seems like a routine chore. Life is so damn meaningless.

So, wat im going to do in this 2 months? Been thinking to plan it since my AMB paper :P

1. Dont think i wanna work in this sem break. Wish to spend more time with my family and especially my brother tat is flying to UK. I WANNA SAVE MONEY! then later can go UK for vacation. with accommodation settled by my bro :P hehehehe...
2. i gotta spend sometime to save my 9327 relationship. It's been months of forlornness. Just hopefully things will be bac to wat it used to be. still i got no direction...

3. needs to rethink facial mask business strategy especially involving high transportation cost. I may need a stockist or somekind like tat. How to do it?
4. found some interesting blogs of personal development. I'll finish it in this 2 months, especially the one about persuasive communication, how u deal with people, how to persuade people, how to influence people, which is crucial in business and social or even my studies. Y not u hav a look too, my favourite www.persuasive.net
5. Oya. Seems like i gotta hav a "new" home. My aim is to use the minimum cost to make my new home a designer yet comfortable home. Its a big challenge though. I know cant get too far without money but i'll try my best. Furniture hunting!
6. Books! Bought so many books without any free time to finish it. Must finish them in this 2 months. Or else it'll be a waste of money right? Books aint cheap and i need extra knowledge!!!

7. Just noticed my wardrobe is a mess. Dont even hav any space to accommodate my college tshirts. I think i'll have to clear it and remove all those old time cloths that i cant wear anymore. I bet my standard six body glove t shirt still inside somewhere =.=

8. Need to resolve the issue on my gf's k850i. Its juz stupid to drag 6 months and still nothing comes bac. I'd decided to giv them time till my next penang trip. Aftertat i'll confront them, complain and report to consumer association and i'll sue the shop for compensation !!! WTF !!! Im too free... come play with me la... bastard!
9. Will be shopping!!! Window shopping of course, no money. Explore new things new design in the market which is inspiring. Must open myself to more ideas. Plus i need to change my shoes and watch. Arrgghh... $$$ again...

I think that's all for now. FOR NOW i guess. Many things i wanted to do. Just because of time constraint. I'll prefer to make this sem-break as self-development month than a working month. Hope i can follow my own plans :P

*37 - 没有你的日子



非常讨厌那夜深人静的夜晚,因为看着不会响起的电话,会让我心痛的很想哭。一直都有很大的冲动,要打电话给你。但,我变得很胆小,不敢拿起电话,很怕得到那冷冷的回应… 它会让我睡不着觉。可能已有对象让你讲出心里话,让你诉苦,所以没什么跟我讲了… 不如下次,你试试把要告诉他们的先跟我说,好吗?


NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P