*243 - Tagged... Long Time Ago :P

Can u believe it? I just notice JShuang tagged me 1 month ago on this thing and i just noticed it :P Here am i to join the fun :/

1. Name → Kelvin Lee
2. Birthday → 9th Sept
3. Who tagged you → e. js
4. Name 5 of your best friends → More than 5 leh... Shit Rul3ss and NTY + JF
5. What do you want for your bday present → Cash? :P
6. Happiest thing you have gone through recently → Enjoyed my holiday
7. Recent pressure → My class starts tomolo and its 8am =.=
8. Ambition → Business owner
9. Do you have a lover → Yeah
10. Will you look for your teachers during an alumni association → Sure... Teachers only... Not lecturers :P
11. Who makes you happy during an outing → Whole bunch of joker frens
12. If 2 of your friends are arguing → then i join along to argue also xD
13. Where do you want to go with your lover → UK
14. What do you want to do during Christmas → Christmas in New York!
15. Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with → My lover
16. Do you have the excitement of waking up ? → See where am going after waking up.. LOL 
17. How many siblings do you have → 2
18. Which song u like the most (female) → Too much
19. Which song u like the most (male) → Too much
20. What colour do you like → White
21. Will you flush before use the toilet → Mostly no... depends how dirty it is
22. Do you love me → Who? O.o
23. Do you like male or female → Both xD
24. Shout out loud → Arrrggghhhh~ now what?
25. Dare to go for a pee at midnight → its midnight and im going to pee now... u say leh?
26. Will you take off ur pants when you're peeing ? → Mostly dont... I hav a natural pipe
27. Who are supposed to be whacked ? → The person who did this thingy
28. What are you crazy of recently → Avatar soundtrack
29. How is your sleeping look → Looks like im sleeping =.=
30. What time is it → 12.22am
31. Do you dislike the person who got you tagged → nope
32. Your weight → 58... i need to diet liao
33. Weather → Raining
34. Are you pregnant → I cant
35. Add a colour into rainbow → silver
36. Do you think friendship is true-hearted → yes
37. Do you know spring → wat do u mean i know or duno?
38. Who do you like in TVXQ → i hate them =.=
39. List out 5 of your flaws → my flaws are having a lot of flaws... LOL
Additional questions :
40. List out 2 sentences you like → Its time for dinner, Honey, im home...
41. What do you like to eat → Food! Dont care as long as its tasty
42. You pray to god for → Pray for making me a god too... hehehehehehhee
43. Brands you prefer → Lamborghini

1. Michelle Yeoh
2. Teo Jun Fook
3. Whoever saw this! hehe

Im done~ Ur turn :P

*242 - Eastin Hotel, Penang

Another "Balik Penang" trip for my family this holiday... and this time we stayed in the new Eastin Hotel in Bayan Lepas Penang... Very near to QueensBay Mall... In fact its just 3 mins walk...


Its another business class hotel that is highly advertised in papers, magazines etc... U can tell that too after u notice numerous of signs and billboards pointing ur way to the hotels... Very good publicity i'll say since its still very new and they already got their rooms all filled up this holiday...


Eastin is a very beautiful building... I'll say its one of the best hotel in Penang in design exteriorly and interiorly... Modern urban designing with a sense of nature... Hmmm... (G Hotel still has the best design)


At the lobby, there's a small lounge beside... Very small i'll say... Nothing special there... And on the other corner is the restaurant that serves buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner... Swee Brasserie... I got to know from Michelle's fren that the chef are sent overseas (France if not mistaken) to learn all the food specialty... No reviews on the food since i did not dine there... Who wanna eat in that restaurant while in Penang? LOL... Local hawker stalls is so so much more tempting xD

Here's the Not-So-Good part... Had quite a bad experience with the service there... Staff were not well-trained and they are all totally BLUR =.= mayb its still new...

We called for reservation few weeks b4 the trip... The receptionist said reservation must be made to the sales department... but we tried to called a few times and for a few days... Its always engaged... I doubt that they have such good business O.o Then we manage to get the receptionist to reserve for us (as wat we're told she will inform the sales department)... When we reached there, there's no room for us... Since we got her name, we asked to girl out to solve the problem... And she said she inform the sales department... and its the sales department fault... After unsuccessful dealing with the sales department officer, we request to speak to the sales manager... One funny question he ask us: "we have 5 managers, which one u wanna speak to?" LOL... really LOLed... How i know which manager i wanna speak to... Just call a relevant manager out la =.=

We got our room... Instead of the room we reserved, there's only 1 seaview room available (suppose its at rm198++ but we manage to have it for the price of rm168++ as the room we reserved)... Wow... Seaview... That's the seaview we had...

I wondered how that small piece of sea cost another rm30++ O.o... Damn not worth it... I can see QueensBay Mall, Pulau Jerejak and the OXO cafe from my room :)

For the rooms... Its very very very very small... They advertised they use LCD tv in every room... And now i know why they use LCD tv... Coz i cant even find a place to put the conventional tv... O.o See for urself...

In conclusion... Its a very beautiful hotel, near to shopping mall but not so value for money and not really that comfortable... I think their service will improve after sometime but meanwhile their staffs are still very blur... LOL... There's still plenty of better hotels out there :P

*241 - Merry Christmas From ElfYourself

My younger bro is having winter holidays in London until he is so free to create a very very cute Merry Christmas Video using our faces =.=!!!

Kind of like Chipmunk singing jingle bells... and our big big face as the elfs... OMG O.o

Check out the video here... Y not u make one for ur family too... it sure makes everyone LOL xD

*240 - Pao Lo 包佬, Famous Pao In Langkap, Perak

This is something u can find in the very very small rural town of Langkap, Perak...

Pao Lo 包佬 that sells all kinds of Pao and very famous among the locals...

My dad got to know this place because his customers in Langkap introduced to em... Its all about fresh made Pao's from the kitchen at the back...

I think my bro's face looks exactly like the Pao =.=

They hav these "Pillow Pao" (枕头包)... filled with fatty pork... Special but not really tat good :/

We also ordered Peanut Pao and Chicken Pao, but i had a Lo Mai Kai "Glutinous Rice Chicken" (糯米鸡)...

Overall its ok... But frankly is nothing special if u compare to those commercialized Pao in the urban city... The beauty of these Pao is the freshness and a healthier choice since its all kampung chicken for the ingredient... Can try if u happens to be in Langkap (i wonders how O.o)

*239 - Post-Job: I'm Grateful

Talking bout my last job... (finally im writing bout it :P)

My night shift ended after 6am... 7something if there's OT... Frankly... Its been a very long time i'd missed the Sunrise and totally forgotten the beauty of it... The view of nature is always so fascinating... This job allowed me to cherish the Sunrise once again... I felt so energetic every early morning (though mayb that's my punch-out time xD), listened to Hitz.fm morning crew, watching the city lights go off one by one... It gave u inspiration and motivation with "Its a new day!" kind of feel... Why dont u try rising early and experience it urself... with a good breakfast meal, these sure will make ur day!

This is the one video that u'll like to watch it every morning... Its in my com, my phone, my ipod... Inspiring video that helps u jump start ur day :)

ps: Im going camping at bukit cahaya now ;)

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*238 - My Mum Also On FB Now... OMG =.=

Holy crab... my MUM just got her FACEBOOK... O.o

Should or shouldnt i add her? O.o OMG OMG OMG OMG~

ps: she's now so happy laughing there to see my bro commented on her photo =.=|||

*237 - Feels So Great!

Hehe... its 730pm and i just got bac home... Guess where did i went?

I went for an ADVENTUROUS Explore Around-My-Taman Trip... LOL :P

Its been a very very long time i'd abandon my old 2 wheeler xD so i got into my storeroom, reconditioned it (washed, greased, oiled, pumped), and tada~ Here's my beautiful bike!

Feels so great after a week of rejuvenation... Normal sleeping time, normal meals, normal body function... Simply HEALTHY!

ps: now thinking to hav a cycling trip at the Bukit Cahaya already... hehe

*236 - Meet Nonja!

Duno y... just lack of inspiration to blog recently... I guess i'll just continue to procrastinate all my post :P

Meet Nonja!

Yeah... She's an OrangUtan from Vienna zoo... Got to know her from Lowyat.net... Having 19,194 fans at the time im writing this, he's famous for taking photos with his specially adapted Samsung ST 1000 digital camera!

Everytime she hit the shutter button, a raisin falls out... and thats wat she want :D The photos are uploaded to her facebook fansite... and there... U'll see wat an OrangUtan see...

Personally i love his simply "accidental" artistic shots... And she prove that one dun hav to be a pro to take photograph xD

Check out a few here...

Cool huh?

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NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P