*234 - Kinda My Easiest and Worst Job

Cant believe im still so so busy until i left my blog alone even after my finals... Events after events, functions to attend, friends to entertain and pile of things to do that got me insane =.=

Im hooked up to a data entry job Joachim introduced... We're suppose to key in the center no. and candidate number on the exam papers tat UK students sat for... Something i dont understand though... Why dont they use Optical readers for this numerical entry? Imagine u're wasting resources paying hundres of ppl, doing 3 passes to check the accuracy of the data, jeopardize hundred's health as we're working UK time... Oh god...

Basically quite a boring routine job working like a robot =.= u type in wat u see, next, type in wat u see, next~ for the whole damn night... From now on, i swear i wont be complaining if anyone keys in my info wrongly... Now i know how hard it is =.=

So tat's my life recently... Just a temporary project so i guess i'll be free soon... with a bit of extra cash :)

ps: dont ask me out to mamak recently... im having mamak (the only place nearby) for supper everyday :/


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Easy money right? so i heard though it is a rather boring job... gambateh... it is the last night right... jia you le

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