*24 - Incomplete Puzzle of Life

(On the way back from KLIA)

"My life will be silent for a while" me and King suddently said the same thing.
Mika's flight departed on time on 2am... It's not a long "separation", in fact, its only half year in UK... We all thought we can keep ourself emotionally detached... but~

Being a buddy for so long, every now and then there will always be calls to help me evade from the tensional reality. From yam cha to clubbing, its virtually all his call. A very happening leader in Shit Rul3ss that kept us alive ^^

6 months without the key event organiser... wat kind of life will we be having? 6 months withdrawal of crazy fuel-burning trips, drifting up the Genting, clubbing and liquor, midnight life of mamak-ing, early dawn bak kut teh breakfast n etc...

LOL... King reminded me that no one will be visiting me in K17 anymore... only nuts with a car that feeds on H2O will travel to ones hostel to take an afternoon nap...

Even this "KLIA rombongan ke tandas", a small insane act is already enough to let us start a nostalgic discussion of our good old days in secondary XD

Bon Voyage n do take care my fren... Remember to "break the silence" when u are back ^^

PS: wondering who's going to be driving ur white Shit Rul3ss Gen2 ??

*23 - Indifference (Lan Lan~ )

· adj.
1 having no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned.
2 neither good nor bad; mediocre. not especially good; fairly bad.
– DERIVATIVES indifference n. indifferently adv.
– ORIGIN ME: via OFr. from L. indifferent- ‘making no difference’, from in- ‘not’ + different-, differre (see differ).

* Word of the semester
* Special thx to Michelle

The only word tat fits perfectly in describing the present me is INDIFFERENCE. As more and more issues raised, i found that more and more hidden agendas were being revealed too. The way u look at those people that u used to trust, even those that u had never believed, changed. When u got no choice to make, u'll tend to be indifferent. You'll juz wont even giv a damn~
Recently i did lost interest in a lot of things. When people dont appreciate what u did, u'll start to ask urself: Why do it all? Since people dont care bout something, then why u care so much? It wont serve any purpose of doing it, it wont please anyone, seems like its juz only to satisfy your will.

Im giving indifference a try. Try not to care. Try not to intefere others 'decision'. Try to look-see wat people think is right. Try to listen and act nothing. What is it like then?
College, CLub, so called 'FRENS'... Watever they do, had really really disappoint me. I lost interest, trust, commiment, dedication to fix it. Maybe i'll juz continue to stick SOLELY to my best of the best peer group. Other than that, sorry... i'd lost my hope.

Juz do watever u guyz want... I wont care... I'm exhausted~

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P