*58 - PRE-Penang Trip

Its 28 May tomorrow and im going to Penang... Again... So wat excitements im anticipating?

1. Kee's House-warming. She just shifted into her Green House =.= as wat she called it. Cant wait to see her new home where Ben somehow fell and got his 6 stitches :/ Im sure her house will be wonderful. I'll be spending my first night there.

Just hopefully its not a Green house like this O.o

2. Her wish to go up the Penang Hill. I heard that Penang Hill had changed a lot with even restaurants up there. Gotta take a look at that!3. Ben's house NTY BBQ II. Arrggh... i forgot to tell him i wan LAMB!! Tell him tomorrow then. Hopefully is not as noob as our first NTY BBQ ^^
4. Batu Feringgi Bayview Beach Resort Stay. Longtime i never been to a beach edi. Since she feels like going to the beach to hav a walk, i decided to put a night there. Im sure i gotta enjoy the ambience there. Oya, i wanna go to the night market too!
5. And the best of all is the Penang Food tat i missed for so long! I gotta eat eat eat till im fat fat fat... Dont care :P...
Wait for my blog on POST-Penang Trip ya ^^

*57 - Negative? Make it to Positive!

SHOCKING number announced by the government. (here!) We declined 6.2% of economy in the first quarter of this year. Hey, we used to hav 6.2% growth at least in the last few years, and now -6.2% o.O Big news huh?

The loss of jobs, the horrendous stock market, inflation, and everything else that has been happening around us because of the bad economy. This can easily put anyone’s mind in the gutter. I personally believe that most people right now have a terrible mindset. You'll feel demotivated eventually.
First of all, are u a negative news junkie? Why u watch the news? You just wanna know? Or you feel contented after u saw how bad people got murdered and u are still alive? "Economy declined by 6.2%, 100000 people lost thier job" or "The 10 tons lorry carrying cow dung crash on the toll plaza in Ipoh" So, wat u get from this stories? It only give u a negative mindset bout life.

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING - “When the situation gets critical, those who aren’t weak-willed work harder and never give up.
-Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969), the father of (U.S.) President John F. Kennedy

Check out this true story. There are people with positive mindset that are able to workout anything out of nothing. Let me remind u this: There are more millionaires made after a bad economy then in a good economy. Its better to invest in bad economy as the cost is lower, and price always soar when economy recovers.

Im not asking u not to read or watch the news. Its just that, set ur mindset right when u got negative news, at least know wat's going on, then read more positive and constructive articles! Why not start with happynews.com? Its a great site with only positive news and articles. Latest news, ppl made an air-powered vehicle u know?

*56 - Kok Kok Kai~

From: Zerotohundred.com
From: Asiaone.com

KL Pimps now sport flashy delivery cars and sharp designer suits.

"Driving a flashy Mercedes SLK and dressed in a crisp Armani suit, KaiKo (Chicken Bother in cantonese) looks more like a well to do yuppie than a purveyor of prostitutes. He claims his clientele are mainly English-speaking professionals, expatriates and VIPs. “For them, money is no problem as long as their privacy and safety is guaranteed,” says KaiKo, adding that he accepts clients only through referrals."

Wow... my reaction is like... a KaiKo also can drive a SLK and wearing an Armani suit... This sounds damn professional man...

"KaiKo plays down the impact of his lucrative business. "Compared with other vices like drugs and gambling, sex is the most harmless.

"The girls under me were not tricked into the industry. In fact, I see my role as helping people enjoy all life has to offer. Who knows, I might also be saving some marriages. After all, a fling is better than an affair!""

LOL... sounds like an honorable job wor ... So wat u think bout prostitution?? Go read up this blog post bout prostitution in Ahyap.com, Why smart people dont fight against prostitution, believe me, its a good and funny one ^^

*55 - What You Thinking?

Cant believe i stopped blogging for 3 days edi... With the last post of something complicated somemore =.= So wat i did in this 3 days?? Answer is... *Droool~ NOTHING. Yeah u heard me... nothing significant.

Anyway, i had a thought after i saw all those students, in full uniform, going home after class. I wish i had a chance to relive my secondary time. Things were so easy-going back then with full of excitement in life. They way you can see them so happy and full of hope to the world out there. But the fact is, when u enter the society, u'll start to see all kinds of negative and demotivating happenings. All these makes me bored too...
I had a brother which is still in his form 3. Suppose he's facing his PMR this year end. Unfortunately, he's stuck with his DOTA game and even quarrel with our parents for it. How am i suppose to tell him wat i missed in my secondary? How am i suppose to help him learn the life out there? Whats the benefit of acting gangster and addicted in games in 15 years old? I saw no benefit in games from the example of a few that used to be my frens. They're like nomad now and had no direction in life. Some even still spend most of their time in cyber cafe at this age of 22 =.=

I wish tat i could see wat i saw earlier in my life especially in my secondary. Many things we had to start early to reap wat we sow. I wish to teach him the reality of life but he wouldnt listen. I just dont want it to be too late for him to realise the facts in the future.

Now i have deep believe in the potential of each young men. To all youngman out there, fight for wat u dreamed of, explore more of this world, see how great people thinks, u'll benefit a lot more when u're out of school. You all have the advantage of AGE. Think wat u wanna put in ur "time-line" as ur life events. To those so called "older people" :P its never to late to change and start. Excel in Life !!!

*53 - Wolverine Wanna Be?

If you are so crazy about Hugh Jackman's Wolverine action, then u should get urself a pair of those !!!

Tat's damn COOL !!! How much u think he is going to sell tat for?

*51 - No Excuses

Referring to my post *48, relating to "No Excuses".

Saw this great video of Warhawk Matt Scott (A Special Basketball Team Star) in Nike 'No Excuses' Commercial. Must watch to the end ya !!!

Just Do It !!! No excuses !!!

*50 - Something Never Seen Before

Behold~ The Malaysia Sperm Donation/Sampling Manual with nice step by step instructions. Heheheheh...

"Nurse! Air mani saya tertumpah! nak buat macam mana ni??"

From the source, no nurse will fantasies role play for you! Wife are allowed to "assist" but not too sure whether this "service" is extended to "girlfriend or girlfriends".

Source: BoLANliap and its from Lam Wah Ee Hospital, Penang

*49 - FREE Coldplay LIVE album

Fans of Coldplay will be happy to know that the band has compiled a new live album called "Left Right Left Right" and will be distributing it for FREE via their website. All the band wants in return is your email address, the country you live in, as well as your consent to add you to the Coldplay.com mailing list. Sounds like a pretty awesome deal, eh?

I've got mine. 192kbps. Nice songs. I love the crowd in Viva La Vida song !!!

*48 - Breakthrough

The very first official breakthrough of my life.

I went Genting with JS, two barely-known-for-2-days friends and a group of 10+ complete stranger!

I'd never done anything like this b4. If u know me, i never feel comfortable to have an outing, or even get to know new people, somemore its a big group of coursemate from Segi College's Music Department. Its really nice to meet u all.

As usual, at 1st i wanted to reject JS's invitation for this Genting trip. May be u'll feel the same rite, its like so weird being with a new group of people. I dont even like to go out with my coursemate tat i dont have a very good relationship. So, what change me?

Came across 2 articles from persuasive.net after JS invitation, and i decided to make a start for a change. 1st one, one must be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Deliberately place yourself in uncomfortable situations and you’ll begin to grow and be stronger mentally. I really feel VERY uncomfortable at first, but i manage to overcome it. 2nd one is about not using excuses. Im actually looking for excuses to reject the invitation. One of the major reasons you use excuses is because you may sometimes feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But after u go for it, u'll have totally new experiences.

So, what makes u feels uncomfortable? Had u dealt with it?

PS: Photos will be upload after i had collect them ^^

*47 - The 3 Musketeers - Puppies !!!

I got myself a 3 cute little puppies !!! By judging from its size, i think the puppies were juz round 2 months old. Breed wise, i think is a total mixed (u know "chap cheng" in hokkien?) LoL...

Their origin is kinda sad though. I hate to say, some ppl are so heartless. Damn~ A chinese guy threw a big black waste plastic bag at the side of the road near my house, this act already very immoral, who knows few minutes later 2 puppies head come out of the plastic O.o and later only found out there are 3 puppies inside. So pity them.

Let the photos do the talking after this.
1st puppy... this is the fattest !!! lazy fella...
Smile~ Anyway... He always sleeping =.= My youngest brother's gf suppose to take this puppy to her home.
2nd puppy... The active and intelligent looking one...
Its ear is alway standing... kinda like a wolf... and muscular too... My gf's fren is keeping this puppy.
3rd puppy... the Cutie !!! My bro named it Neoneu (the name of our last late hamster) Extremely small size n with a very cute short tail... hehe
A very obedient dog... i made him understand the command "come" edi ... hehe ... he will certainly come to u when u called ^^ We are going to keep him.
The 3 musketeers :)
The 3 puppies at my door... Standing !!!
Time to eat !!!
Eat until overlap each other =.= fighting for food... kinda makes me thinks of my fren, Michelle tat obsess to food :P
The perfect triangle at their plate. After this, they always do this formation when they eat... lol
Drinking water... which makes them pee a lot =.= im tired of washing floors
Must bath them b4 they stink !!! See... free massage n scrub !!!
Cutie Neoneu after bath... Seems like he's smiling to something...
Neoneu and the intelligent wolf... LOL... u know wat ... the intelligent one kinda looks like Boltz minus the black fur...
HOR !!! See wat i caught them doing ??? its 18sx... before he look at me, they were doing.....
THIS !!! Oh god...

Cute leh?? So nice to hav puppies at home !!!

*46 - When LOVE STORY meets VIVA LA VIDA

This is the best version of both the song by taylor swift and coldplay i've heard before! Got it from my younger brother's friend's blog page ^^

Please wait a while for it to load, its 100% worth the wait. And you seriously needs a good earphone or an external speaker for the FULL experience!

Best huh? I'd been listening to it whole day :P

*45 - 1st Anniversary for Selenelion

Its 45th post and 1st anniversary for my blog Selenelion.

I started this blog in 13th May 2008. Its been a year and many things happened back then. A lot had changed.

After 1 year in the dark, y not change the theme to a brighter one this year? In fact, flashy colours may induce good mood ^^

TO this -->

So bear with me a while and i shall reconstruct my blog :) Stay tuned.

*40 - Indifference - The positive side

After i read quite a few of personal development articles, i'd a new perspective to look at the indifference that developed in me (even you). Many things happened over this 2 years and yes, it made me more and more indifferent since i started to learn this word (courtesy of Michelle).

So, what had changed? I started to not to bother about what people thinks of me. In some extreme cases like for annoying person, i may even dont care how he or she feels anymore. Everything sounds so negative huh.

Now, let's say u really dont care wat people think of you, then lets use it to pursue what u really wanted. Set ur goal and aim towards it, dont let what people thinks or say about you slow you down. You want 4.0. Go! Study for ur very best. You want to fight for student rights. Go! Just do what u think is necessary. You want to venture in business. Go! Dont scare what people talks behind you.

There are six who-cares theory that will help u to attain ur goal.
1. Who cares if somemone doesnt like me?
2. Who cares if people think I am not good at something?
3. Who cares if I get embarrassed?
4. Who cares if I miss a shot?
5. Who cares if someone tells me no?
6. Who cares if I make a mistake?

Indifference is never always negative. Use ur indifference in a positive way and it will help you in many aspect. But of course if you are indifferent about your life than no one can help you. Im learning to apply what I read. You? Are you fighting for what you want in future now?

*39 - My O2 Camera Album Cleanup

Everything goes back to 2008's 31st of May. Where its the last time i cleanup my O2's camera album. Let's explore one by one :) Most pics already been forgotten.
20080531. Took in Station One Meru Klang if not mistaken. Was challenging Mika for the impossible. I was like so sure there's 100% no chance the wood stick can all slanting and standing there without falling down. Sometimes impossible does happens. You'll just have to believe. Really.
20081029. Should be sometime around the finals. As usual, study group session at faculty cafe where i took these photos of k17. Frankly its the best and beautiful hostel i'd ever seen. I can say its almost a hotel standard in terms of facilities offered. Gotta leave college soon with my fellow NTY. Check out Michelle's blog on k17.
20081116. Location: G Hotel Penang. Thats should me my 1st few days of having my Dell Studio 15. Its the best lappie i had in my life. Plenty of features and decent specs but it too comes with weight though. Still having fun with my new lappie.
20081220. Should be my 2nd trip to Penang during that holiday. Its a very blur picture of my aunt's house. A very green interior that may fit Kee Kee very well =.= Its a nice apartment with swimming pool though. Anyway, they shifted last few months to a house nearer to Chung Ling High School Butterworth. New house new environment.
20081229. Arrggghh. K17 camp. Cost me a new rear wind screen. No la~ i claimed the contract grass-cutter company. Small stones chipped off from the cutter and BANG, there goes my rear wind screen. That's when i got a chance to hav a new 3M tinted since my last cheapo one already faded.
20090112. New year 2009, im still stuck in the same routine life. Poor mice. Got a few of its photos but i guess i'll upload one only. Saw its organs before, did dissection in anatomy before, but y still need to sacrifice a mice for nothing new. My god~
20090218. The 3 days we exchange our cars. Good old days huh. Notice her car is shaky from 90kmh and above, so i took her car to do wheel balancing, now its nice to drive on the highway, safer too. I remembered the next day, took her car to went for tinted. Its hot, its bad for her and the car, might as well did a good tinting. Nice car with a shaky head on the dashboard :P pretty driver too :)
20090223. Hehehehehe~ i wonder after he saw this will he disembowel me :P My roommate. Went jogging and SOMEHOW too tired and SOMEHOW he slept there =.=
20090310. Bad resolution camera i had. Suppose to take a photo of her spiky hair standing on top of her newly cut "short" hair. As usual, not paying attention to the lectures like they do.
20090327. My gosh~ its 3.27 and y am i taking a photo of Ben instead of celebrating my gf's brithday. Wondering when i took this and wat happened that day. Whatever, dun wanna think about it.
20090427. Chemor small town if not mistaken. 阿贤 from AEC introduced this stall on the tv. Its fried kuey teow with charcoal by a elderly man SITTING on his small little bench. Something cute and something new. But i guess he took his sweet time frying till his kuey teow became too dry, he is sitting ma, relax. Special but not good though.
20090427. A shot of Chemor town near the old trunk road. I always like this, staying beside a mountain, breathing fresh air.
20090428. Familiar right?? Its the view of Penang from Jalan Larut's Royal Hotel. Im still very passionate to go back to my old hometown Penang. The way of life there, style of living, its juz so nice, so comfortable. The best part is from my room window, i can see the mountains and the sea. I really loves that. One thing good about Penang is no matter how developed the state is, u still see green big trees everywhere around the building. U try going up KL tower and have a look on the KL city, u'll see nothing but concrete walls. I wish i can live in Penang later during my life.

The end of my O2 Camera Album. Next cleanup: Unknown

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P