*48 - Breakthrough

The very first official breakthrough of my life.

I went Genting with JS, two barely-known-for-2-days friends and a group of 10+ complete stranger!

I'd never done anything like this b4. If u know me, i never feel comfortable to have an outing, or even get to know new people, somemore its a big group of coursemate from Segi College's Music Department. Its really nice to meet u all.

As usual, at 1st i wanted to reject JS's invitation for this Genting trip. May be u'll feel the same rite, its like so weird being with a new group of people. I dont even like to go out with my coursemate tat i dont have a very good relationship. So, what change me?

Came across 2 articles from persuasive.net after JS invitation, and i decided to make a start for a change. 1st one, one must be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Deliberately place yourself in uncomfortable situations and you’ll begin to grow and be stronger mentally. I really feel VERY uncomfortable at first, but i manage to overcome it. 2nd one is about not using excuses. Im actually looking for excuses to reject the invitation. One of the major reasons you use excuses is because you may sometimes feel uneasy and uncomfortable. But after u go for it, u'll have totally new experiences.

So, what makes u feels uncomfortable? Had u dealt with it?

PS: Photos will be upload after i had collect them ^^

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