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KL Pimps now sport flashy delivery cars and sharp designer suits.

"Driving a flashy Mercedes SLK and dressed in a crisp Armani suit, KaiKo (Chicken Bother in cantonese) looks more like a well to do yuppie than a purveyor of prostitutes. He claims his clientele are mainly English-speaking professionals, expatriates and VIPs. “For them, money is no problem as long as their privacy and safety is guaranteed,” says KaiKo, adding that he accepts clients only through referrals."

Wow... my reaction is like... a KaiKo also can drive a SLK and wearing an Armani suit... This sounds damn professional man...

"KaiKo plays down the impact of his lucrative business. "Compared with other vices like drugs and gambling, sex is the most harmless.

"The girls under me were not tricked into the industry. In fact, I see my role as helping people enjoy all life has to offer. Who knows, I might also be saving some marriages. After all, a fling is better than an affair!""

LOL... sounds like an honorable job wor ... So wat u think bout prostitution?? Go read up this blog post bout prostitution in Ahyap.com, Why smart people dont fight against prostitution, believe me, its a good and funny one ^^

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