*39 - My O2 Camera Album Cleanup

Everything goes back to 2008's 31st of May. Where its the last time i cleanup my O2's camera album. Let's explore one by one :) Most pics already been forgotten.
20080531. Took in Station One Meru Klang if not mistaken. Was challenging Mika for the impossible. I was like so sure there's 100% no chance the wood stick can all slanting and standing there without falling down. Sometimes impossible does happens. You'll just have to believe. Really.
20081029. Should be sometime around the finals. As usual, study group session at faculty cafe where i took these photos of k17. Frankly its the best and beautiful hostel i'd ever seen. I can say its almost a hotel standard in terms of facilities offered. Gotta leave college soon with my fellow NTY. Check out Michelle's blog on k17.
20081116. Location: G Hotel Penang. Thats should me my 1st few days of having my Dell Studio 15. Its the best lappie i had in my life. Plenty of features and decent specs but it too comes with weight though. Still having fun with my new lappie.
20081220. Should be my 2nd trip to Penang during that holiday. Its a very blur picture of my aunt's house. A very green interior that may fit Kee Kee very well =.= Its a nice apartment with swimming pool though. Anyway, they shifted last few months to a house nearer to Chung Ling High School Butterworth. New house new environment.
20081229. Arrggghh. K17 camp. Cost me a new rear wind screen. No la~ i claimed the contract grass-cutter company. Small stones chipped off from the cutter and BANG, there goes my rear wind screen. That's when i got a chance to hav a new 3M tinted since my last cheapo one already faded.
20090112. New year 2009, im still stuck in the same routine life. Poor mice. Got a few of its photos but i guess i'll upload one only. Saw its organs before, did dissection in anatomy before, but y still need to sacrifice a mice for nothing new. My god~
20090218. The 3 days we exchange our cars. Good old days huh. Notice her car is shaky from 90kmh and above, so i took her car to do wheel balancing, now its nice to drive on the highway, safer too. I remembered the next day, took her car to went for tinted. Its hot, its bad for her and the car, might as well did a good tinting. Nice car with a shaky head on the dashboard :P pretty driver too :)
20090223. Hehehehehe~ i wonder after he saw this will he disembowel me :P My roommate. Went jogging and SOMEHOW too tired and SOMEHOW he slept there =.=
20090310. Bad resolution camera i had. Suppose to take a photo of her spiky hair standing on top of her newly cut "short" hair. As usual, not paying attention to the lectures like they do.
20090327. My gosh~ its 3.27 and y am i taking a photo of Ben instead of celebrating my gf's brithday. Wondering when i took this and wat happened that day. Whatever, dun wanna think about it.
20090427. Chemor small town if not mistaken. 阿贤 from AEC introduced this stall on the tv. Its fried kuey teow with charcoal by a elderly man SITTING on his small little bench. Something cute and something new. But i guess he took his sweet time frying till his kuey teow became too dry, he is sitting ma, relax. Special but not good though.
20090427. A shot of Chemor town near the old trunk road. I always like this, staying beside a mountain, breathing fresh air.
20090428. Familiar right?? Its the view of Penang from Jalan Larut's Royal Hotel. Im still very passionate to go back to my old hometown Penang. The way of life there, style of living, its juz so nice, so comfortable. The best part is from my room window, i can see the mountains and the sea. I really loves that. One thing good about Penang is no matter how developed the state is, u still see green big trees everywhere around the building. U try going up KL tower and have a look on the KL city, u'll see nothing but concrete walls. I wish i can live in Penang later during my life.

The end of my O2 Camera Album. Next cleanup: Unknown

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