*40 - Indifference - The positive side

After i read quite a few of personal development articles, i'd a new perspective to look at the indifference that developed in me (even you). Many things happened over this 2 years and yes, it made me more and more indifferent since i started to learn this word (courtesy of Michelle).

So, what had changed? I started to not to bother about what people thinks of me. In some extreme cases like for annoying person, i may even dont care how he or she feels anymore. Everything sounds so negative huh.

Now, let's say u really dont care wat people think of you, then lets use it to pursue what u really wanted. Set ur goal and aim towards it, dont let what people thinks or say about you slow you down. You want 4.0. Go! Study for ur very best. You want to fight for student rights. Go! Just do what u think is necessary. You want to venture in business. Go! Dont scare what people talks behind you.

There are six who-cares theory that will help u to attain ur goal.
1. Who cares if somemone doesnt like me?
2. Who cares if people think I am not good at something?
3. Who cares if I get embarrassed?
4. Who cares if I miss a shot?
5. Who cares if someone tells me no?
6. Who cares if I make a mistake?

Indifference is never always negative. Use ur indifference in a positive way and it will help you in many aspect. But of course if you are indifferent about your life than no one can help you. Im learning to apply what I read. You? Are you fighting for what you want in future now?

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