*236 - Meet Nonja!

Duno y... just lack of inspiration to blog recently... I guess i'll just continue to procrastinate all my post :P

Meet Nonja!

Yeah... She's an OrangUtan from Vienna zoo... Got to know her from Lowyat.net... Having 19,194 fans at the time im writing this, he's famous for taking photos with his specially adapted Samsung ST 1000 digital camera!

Everytime she hit the shutter button, a raisin falls out... and thats wat she want :D The photos are uploaded to her facebook fansite... and there... U'll see wat an OrangUtan see...

Personally i love his simply "accidental" artistic shots... And she prove that one dun hav to be a pro to take photograph xD

Check out a few here...

Cool huh?

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WK said...

cool! but Nonja seems prefer butts pic capturing...

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P