*243 - Tagged... Long Time Ago :P

Can u believe it? I just notice JShuang tagged me 1 month ago on this thing and i just noticed it :P Here am i to join the fun :/

1. Name → Kelvin Lee
2. Birthday → 9th Sept
3. Who tagged you → e. js
4. Name 5 of your best friends → More than 5 leh... Shit Rul3ss and NTY + JF
5. What do you want for your bday present → Cash? :P
6. Happiest thing you have gone through recently → Enjoyed my holiday
7. Recent pressure → My class starts tomolo and its 8am =.=
8. Ambition → Business owner
9. Do you have a lover → Yeah
10. Will you look for your teachers during an alumni association → Sure... Teachers only... Not lecturers :P
11. Who makes you happy during an outing → Whole bunch of joker frens
12. If 2 of your friends are arguing → then i join along to argue also xD
13. Where do you want to go with your lover → UK
14. What do you want to do during Christmas → Christmas in New York!
15. Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with → My lover
16. Do you have the excitement of waking up ? → See where am going after waking up.. LOL 
17. How many siblings do you have → 2
18. Which song u like the most (female) → Too much
19. Which song u like the most (male) → Too much
20. What colour do you like → White
21. Will you flush before use the toilet → Mostly no... depends how dirty it is
22. Do you love me → Who? O.o
23. Do you like male or female → Both xD
24. Shout out loud → Arrrggghhhh~ now what?
25. Dare to go for a pee at midnight → its midnight and im going to pee now... u say leh?
26. Will you take off ur pants when you're peeing ? → Mostly dont... I hav a natural pipe
27. Who are supposed to be whacked ? → The person who did this thingy
28. What are you crazy of recently → Avatar soundtrack
29. How is your sleeping look → Looks like im sleeping =.=
30. What time is it → 12.22am
31. Do you dislike the person who got you tagged → nope
32. Your weight → 58... i need to diet liao
33. Weather → Raining
34. Are you pregnant → I cant
35. Add a colour into rainbow → silver
36. Do you think friendship is true-hearted → yes
37. Do you know spring → wat do u mean i know or duno?
38. Who do you like in TVXQ → i hate them =.=
39. List out 5 of your flaws → my flaws are having a lot of flaws... LOL
Additional questions :
40. List out 2 sentences you like → Its time for dinner, Honey, im home...
41. What do you like to eat → Food! Dont care as long as its tasty
42. You pray to god for → Pray for making me a god too... hehehehehehhee
43. Brands you prefer → Lamborghini

1. Michelle Yeoh
2. Teo Jun Fook
3. Whoever saw this! hehe

Im done~ Ur turn :P


idysur tagem said...

u tag whoever read this..not fair!!

XtasyM said...

LOL... terkena pulak :P

sHiN wEi said...

haiz...i read it but i lazy to do...so pretending i din read it...:P

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