*239 - Post-Job: I'm Grateful

Talking bout my last job... (finally im writing bout it :P)

My night shift ended after 6am... 7something if there's OT... Frankly... Its been a very long time i'd missed the Sunrise and totally forgotten the beauty of it... The view of nature is always so fascinating... This job allowed me to cherish the Sunrise once again... I felt so energetic every early morning (though mayb that's my punch-out time xD), listened to Hitz.fm morning crew, watching the city lights go off one by one... It gave u inspiration and motivation with "Its a new day!" kind of feel... Why dont u try rising early and experience it urself... with a good breakfast meal, these sure will make ur day!

This is the one video that u'll like to watch it every morning... Its in my com, my phone, my ipod... Inspiring video that helps u jump start ur day :)

ps: Im going camping at bukit cahaya now ;)

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jfook said...

Greatful or grateful? Ok..Enjoy your remaining holidays dude!

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

hehe... bt it totally screwed ur biological clock... LOL

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P