*12 - Mummy's Notes

i LOVE you, my cute cute mummy~
LOL... suddently i feel my mummy really cute, despite my wife said tat since long time ago...

My mum is going 短期出家 at 东禅寺, jenjarom for 5 days... u know la... 没妈妈的日子,也不会很好过啦... so many scheduled chores to be done... to ensure my house is till in order or rather prevent it from collapsing... my mum left tons of instruction manual, time table, to-do list as reminder n etc etc etc... in various place... u will be amazed wat she did~
knowing the laziness of Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee and Mr. Lee... 3 Mr. Lee(s) hehe... my mum stick a pen holder on the wall too -_-|||
after i saw all the task wif remark "Kelvin"... i was "Mi~ why i got so many things n trip to do??"... u know wat mummy answer? she wrote another paper, n stick on the wall~ -_-|||
learnt a new word today... "altar" hehe... but my mummy spell "altur", either way i still duno wat tat word means until i asked her... "sin tok" mummy answered "u university student duno wat tat mean ar?" hehe... paiseh paiseh...

hor... the last task of this five days is - fetch the QUEEN home... then im suppose to be a prince then :P

tomolo morning will be my 1st task edi... fetch my bro to school for dancing practice at 8.15am... i didnt wake up so early since my finals... oh god~

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