*6 - Introduction: Selenelion

I'll like to share about the essential of this blog including it's name, Selenelion and the inner meaning of it.

The Semi-Eclipsed Moon

Being not satisfied with all the templates that blogspot originally offer, i went googling for a nicer template. After glancing through a few pages, i came across this magnificent template with a semi-eclipsed moon background. I love it! :)

The Seeking of Selenelion

"i'll need a relevant name for this blog then~" i told myself. I searched across the internet about eclipse moon and stuff, to look for inspiration to name my blog. One word from wikipedia caught my attention, Selenelion.

Selenelion n. (astronomy)
- or selenehelion
- A phenomenon occurs when both the Sun and the eclipsed Moon can be observed at the same time.

Myth and Lore of Eclipse

Eclipse moon are aften associated with darkness, danger, bad luck etc regardless of race and tribes. For example, the chinese believe that a dragon swallowed the Moon during an eclipse and beating the mirrors, fire cannons, beating the drums would cause the dragon to cough it up and return it to the sky. The Ge', Amazonian tribes of Brazil, believe that eclipses are a result of a fight between Sun and Moon. Or the Serrano Indians, believe an eclipse is the spirits of the dead trying to eat the Moon.

In modern days, i found that eclipse is used to describe "fallen", "broken hearts", "loneliness" etc. One good example will be one of my favourite oldies, Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler which i initially thought to make it the background music for this blog.
So, why Selenelion?

With all the negative meanings of eclipse, I found Selenelion is very meaningful. Sun and the eclipse moon can be observed at the same time. What i thought of was, there is brightness, hope, supports (the Sun) although u are in despair (eclipse moon). We cant deny there is always obstacles in life that makes u fall, but we must clearly believe that we are still able to put ourself back together because hope is always present.

This is why i choose Selenelion. There is always Eclipse Moon and more importantly the Sun exist together in our life.

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