*2 - 1st ever STY trip

Destinations: Sg. Klah Hotspring and Gua Tempurung
Suggested Dates: 23-24 May (Fri, Sat)
Budget: RM200-RM250 (including food, accomodation and travel fare)

1st day
9am --------- Fellow bioMAD leave from Penang
10am ------- Kelvin leave from Klang
12pm ------- Meet at Sungkai, n lunch
2pm -------- Check in n relax~
7.00pm ----- Steamboat Dinner

2nd day
8.00am ----- Check out n leaving to Gua Tempurung
10am ------- Gua Tempurung Grand Tour
4pm --------- On our way to North
5pm --------- Suggest Ipoh for lunch + hi-tea + dinner (3 in 1)
7pm --------- Reach Penang/ Klang
*** anyone wanna “accept” me in Penang ??

Recommended to bring:
1- Some convenient snack (bread, maggie, chocolate)
2- Sleeping bag

MUST bring:
1- Torch Light (must) – Better if waterproof
2- Swimming Suit (must)
3- Towel n Showering “tools” – for bathing after Gua Tempurung

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