*119 - Beloved Mummy's 46th Birthday :)

110709 - Its my mum's birthday... Paiseh for the late post mummy... Now only got time to retrieve the photos :P
My mum really cute leh... Dont believe? See my *12 post here if u missed it last year XD... She actually insist not to sing birthday song, and blow candles because she said she too old d... I just dont care n stick one candle into her cake n start singing with my dad... Wakaka~ (she actually laughing there too happy to nag)
Wanna buy a pandan layer cake from King's Confectionery but ended going the wrong way... That's why it leads to me buy this Yummy Yam from Bee's Bakery... Very small cake... Taste not bad though... And my mum n dad loves yam... Anyway, the colour a bit too "sharp" for me =.=
Somehow this years mummy's brithday is a bit quiet... Daniel went for an intensive 10 days buddist camp...While my youngest bro went to fren's house to overnight... Its jus me, dad and mummy... Its just feel like a lot of things gone missing... Since Danny is not so with mummy (u know la, young age of form 3) and Daniel is going UK... I guess the next few years i'll try to stay at home more often...

Happy 46th Birthday Mummy... Always love ya~


jfook said...

So so sweet.
My mum also doesn't like people to sing birthday songs. But she loves birthday surprises. :)
Wah, can see you are a kuai kuai son..LOL

i'm -caRMeN-taN- said...

hapi b'day 2 ur mum..^^

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P