*72 - Secrets of Business Transformation

Continuation of post *69. Regarding the insight of MAS transformation by Dato' Sri Idris Jala.

#2: Profit & Loss Anchorage
- Know the profit and loss, thus you can effectively eliminate route (in the case of MAS) that bleeds money.

My thoughts: Im sure in life we do make a lot of choices. If its quantitative, y not list out what u will gain and loss from choice A compare to choice B. Be rational when making choices will help to increase efficiency and maximize benefits.

#3: Discipline of Action
- MAS uses taskforce method to solve their problems. The selected ones will be put in a "laboratory" to focus on the problem until it is solved. Full empowerment will be given.

My thoughts: Are you focus enough when you decided to do something? Or you are the kind of "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" person? Doing something u'll need high discipline and be persistent. Be FOCUS is the key. Check this out.

#4: Situational Leadership
- Due to the fact that MAS needs an urgent transformation, Its CEO practice directive style at the beginning. Gives out order clearly bout what he wants. After this, people working under him dont like him, as usual, just imagine ur new boss came in and changed everything. Until sometime everyone realise what is going on and wat to do, he start to change to empowering style.

My thoughts: This principle is more suitable in organisation i think. Did u notice something? Everyone wans and suggest a change, wanna change the boss, change company, change government etc. But when the change applied, nobody likes changes. People are afraid to change. If you know your direction and what you are doing, u'll hav no choice but to ignore ppl's comments until you reach ur target.

CEO's Words of Wisdom: Always start with the believers. When things going its way, those ppl on the fence will join you. When you produce results, the non-believers will join you too. People are funny, wans result but scare to pave the way.

#5: Winning Coalition
- In a Government-linked Company (GLC) like MAS, everything you do must hav gov's approval. Of course, having a good network will certainly help u in leading the company.

My thoughts: One person's success is never done alone. Everything you do, everywhere you go, you'll need friends or allies coalition to help your way. Only then u'll always hav somebody standby beside you :)

#6: Divine Intervention
- This is the part where u wont learn in Harvard Business School. An essential for life too. I'll hav a full strength coverage on this in the future ^^

Stay tuned.


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