*69 - 1st Secret of Business Transformation

As i promised, i'll share the knowledge i gained from the Meetup with Dato' Sri Idris Jala. Let's go straight to the point shall we?

1st secret: Play the Game of the Impossible

People are afraid to fail. When you are doing something, if u keep thinking will it fail, you wont be able to do it perfectly. To fully excel to your goal, you'll have to conquer ur fear for failure. The power word here is "It's OK to fail!"

To play the game of impossible, firstly, you'll need to set a Olympic-Target! A target that is so HIGH, its NOT touchable but mayb (in a very small chances) reachable. The best will be a goal that everyone says it cannot be done! If u fail nvm, its ok to fail! Why? Coz its impossible to be done ma right? ;) Get ur motivation running, and go for it without the fear of failure!

An example he gave was A man in his 30s set a goal to be a olympic runner for 100m. Everyone says its impossible. But he was so determined and trained every morning, afternoon and even night. So do you think he can do it? Yes? ..... NO! Of course not, he is in his 30s, how can he be the olympic 100m runner? How can he manage to beat the 20yo runners?

NOW. The point is... Did he transformed? Yes... right? He may not be the world champion but of course he will be the best runner in his community. So wat am i trying to say here? Its about transformation... positive changes... Not a matter of winning or losing...

As a conclusion, for playing the game of impossible, u'll be able to transform or change towards your wanted direction. How will u play the game of impossible?


jfook said...

But if we set the goal which is unreachable and we know it's impossible to reach, sounds like we are lying to ourselves leh. Haha...Hey, thanks for your sharing anyway!!

XtasyM said...

LOL... true... but i didnt say UN-reachable ^^

There's a moral behind too... If u think tat u can reach it, but ppl think u cant... believe in urself! not others...

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