*65 - Breakthrough #2 (Meeting with CEO of MAS)

So, this will me my 2nd Official breakthrough of my life.

I attended the meeting of "Frens of MH facebook" with CEO of Malaysia Airlines (MAS), Dato' Sri Idris Jala under a survey invitation from Youthsays.com. Frankly i duno wat it will be all about for this conference. What im told from the Youthsays blog is that we can ask whatever question to him and gain insights and inspiration from the biggest gun in one of the biggest corporate in Malaysia, MAS. One of the event's objective is to hear opinions from the youth.
I decided to attend this meeting a day before the event, thus i signed up. But at 1pm yesterday, i was so reluctant to go. I duno wat to wear (as in my blog post *64), i duno wat will happen there, and im going alone =.= Keep wondering should i go or not. Its until i reminded myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, then i went, dont care wat will happen la...

The event took place in MAS Training Centre in Subang, the place where they train their students, employee etc. Let the photos do the talking after this. (hate to say, i didnt bring camera, only my O2 =.=)
At the entrance to MAS training centre, There's a Big plane model and 2 alphabet "MH" that stands for Malaysian Hospitality.
So i went in, these is the interior of the training centre. We had our conference in lecture theatre 1.
This is the lecture theatre and the crowd is already there when i got in. I still choose a nice comfortable corner seat yest, i guess i gotta breakthrough this one someday ^^
The seat is comfortable and the table tat attaches to the seat is so much better than my lecture halls table =.=

The guess speaker, Dato' Sri Idris Jala and his wife were welcomed by ovation. His managers all address him as Idris, not his title of Dato' Sri or others, sounds like the team are quite close to each other.
That's a very blur photo of Dato' Sri Idris Jala giving his speech. He talked about the "6 secret for business transformation". Part of it u can learn from the management books but most of it you wont be able to learn even in the Harvard Business School. (i'll share the knowledge in my future post as its VERY VERY long ^^)

Let's see... Wat's make him so special? I'll say most people know the Air Asia CEO than the MAS CEO, even in lowyat.net, there are people commenting that "he rather to and meet the Air Asia CEO". In brief, he is once chairman for Shell Sri Lanka, MD for Shell Malaysia and Vice President in Shell International. He worked his way up until government offered him to be the new CEO of MAS. When the time he joined, MAS was losing like hell (-616m in 4th quarter of 2005 =.=), he only got 3 months time b4 MAS to be declare bankrupt. His leadership brought MAS bac in profit in year 2006 and the best is MAS stil makes money in 2008 even when Air Asia was losing money due to the recession. Im sure u'll like to know wat's his secret ^^ (In my future post)

To know him more, you can check out his corporate life in skorcareer.com and clarin.com. There's a brief introduction and an interview to read on.
Next we hav a Q&A session. The best part of the event: He sings and plays guitar LIVE with the song wrote by his son ^^ WOW... tat's totally cool! His guitar skills dont-play-play ar, the best plucking i ever heard. He made the guitar sounds like 古琴 (influenced by his traditional tribe Kelabit music from Sarawak). I think there's a CEO band video in the YouTube! that also involves Dato' Sri Idris Jala, but its not as good as his solo yest ^^
Muahahahaha~ after the event... i went to do something i never did b4 =.= went to have a hand shake, sayin nice to meet him in person and took a photo ^^ Feels so COOL !!! 1st time 1st time~ lol... never in my life to approach a VIP or guess speaker b4...
They had refreshment in the Cafeteria, a very clean cafeteria. Had my fried mee hoon, a piece of ayam goreng, sandwich, kuih jala and tea. Didnt take the curry puff though.

Here i shared table with another Youthsays.com member, named Razleena. In her 27, working in a company that manage the reservation for the australian airlines. Stranger, nervous and duno wat to talk with her at first but no problem in the end cause she is very friendly and the talkative type. Manage to hav a long chat with her ^^

Because of her, I was given a chance to meet the Assistant General Manager and the MC of the event, Mdm. Pushpalatha. Razleena gave a comment about the Internet Booking on MAS website because she had a problem to book her ticket back to KK. Mdm. Pushpa and one of his team member, John (i hope i spelled it correctly) share the table with us to follow up and ask our opinion on the matter. Spent at least 30 mins chatting before i leave. I can say i really benefited from it.
Last but not least, got a souvenir of MAS chocolate cup with 2 Ferrero Rocher and some Beryl's choc. Lalalalala~ (Scary... a very long post this time =.=)


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

so wat's ur official 1st breakthrough???

U'r changing towards a better person I can see... =)

XtasyM said...

The trip to Genting lo... Post *48


Still learning and exposing myself to new things ^^

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

got it... Haha..

Thought u sleep dee... ZZZzzz...

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...


Date of Event : 6th of June 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 7pm till late
Venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
Dress Code : Standout

Some outing suggestion for u since u'r a nuffnanger n luv meeting new ppl... too bad i cn't go =(

XtasyM said...

StandOut! wor... lol... This is a bit not my type edi... hehehe...

Thx for the suggestion ^^

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

yea... ur hairstyle STANDOUT enuf dee... Haha...

XtasyM said...

apalah... anyway... im thinking to cut it short... though noob but will look like good boy ... see how ... lol

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