*64 - Smart Casual?

Its 2nd June in the morning, and i faced a dilemma =.= Im attending a conference by Malaysia Airlines (MAS) for "Friends of MH Facebook" that i got a survey invitation from Youthsays.com in the afternoon. A talk and forum was given and lead by Dato' Sri Idris Jala, MD and CEO of MAS. (Coming soon: Blog for the event ^^)
So the dresscode? Smart Casual =.= In my lifetime i heard of Formal, Semi-formal or Casual, but never a SMART Casual. Wat i going to wear? I scare wat i wear is inappropriate since its the biggest gun in one of the biggest corporate in Malaysia that will be delivering the speech. Things gone worst when the definition of Smart Casual are different by everyone and everywhere i found in the web. Gives you few example that i found =.=
This Smart Casual is the same as the Semi-formal from UPM. Polo T and Long Pants (X Jeans)
This Smart Casual wear consist of T shirt and a coat, Jeans allowed.
This guy i got from google defines Smart Casual as a total formal top with tie and jeans O.o
And this is the most decent one i found. Which also consider as the one im following. I just wear what most ppl wear to clubbing. My Seed long sleeves shirt tat the sleeves are folded up to the elbow, my usual Jeans with Polo leather belt and a white Nike shoe...
Special thanks to: Dayana, Celine, Mei Fong and Jun Fook for answering my status in Facebook... LOL... So i guess im wearing as wat Mei Fong suggested :)


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

old dee old dee... haha...=P

jfook said...

The top is nice. But don't be angry har..but not the jeans..The jeans a bit too fancy for smart casual ba?? Haha..Anyway..It's over lah..

XtasyM said...

lol... im open to comments... muahahahaha~

tat jeans is not the plain type... i wanna buy one jeans near white colour one... but havent saw any nice one yet...

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