*63 - Guys VS Girls O.o

Ahyap.com is comparing this 2 dance of the guyz and girls =.= So do u see the similarity? or they are total contrastive? If u are a guy u may love the "GeeGeeGeeGeeGee" but i dont think the girls will 100% like the "Yatta!" @.@

THE GIRLS - 1,364,055 views (4.5 star rating)

THE GUYS - 1,375,818 views (4.5 star rating)

O.O but somehow without the MV the songs are good... LOL


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

i found the guys mv hilarious lahh... hehe... it's so funny wearing an undies wif a leaf at the front... haha... XD lmao...

XtasyM said...

LOL... so the girls like it O.o hehehehe

-DaN- said...

omg! I was expecting a cool one by the guys and that moment the video start running, one reaction =.=
Especially the part they turn their heads back and give a ''killing smile'', i nearly fall off from my chair! LOL!!!

haha. The Girls Dance is cute and Nice!! hehe

XtasyM said...

HAHAHAHAHA~ but i still can watch it over and over again leh... wonder am i bisexual? O.o

SO, the girls like the guy's and the guys like the girl's ^^

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