*62 - POST-Penang Trip

Im a true procrastinator huh? Delayed for few days to post this entry =.=
Im bac from Penang! (Ya, obviously...) Drove down in Shirvino with Shirley :)

28052009 - After a long hour drive, finally i reached Nibong Tebal. Its time for cooked fresh octopus!!! But too bad... Its not open for business yet, too early in the afternoon =.=
Next trip i'll sure go and sapu all of it! Muahahaha~

At night we went to JZheng's house 1st. Was wondering why so much ppl like to paint their house green recently :/ lol... Its big and confortable... I'll love the Pearl Blue paint in JZheng's room.

The big event at night is Kee's house warming! Another nice house she had. I like the big glass window from the hall. I'll sure do tat to my house in the future XD. And as expected, it all in GREEN again. But i prefer the GREEN rather than the PINK in his brother's room =.=

I'll say her Uncle is rather a good marketer. Although he said that he dont wanna just join us and start advertising his product (Halo brand Spices), but he did it everytime anyway... lol... I think it worth a try, will check it out in Tesco nearby (Mayb a blog review on the product? ^^) Dont hav pictures for the night, our photographer, Michelle was busy EATing :P

29052009 - Its morning and off we go to the Penang Hill. It did changed a lot since my last trip in 2005. Got a new restaurant, stainless steel fence, etc etc. But the canopy walk is not available yet.
(Above) 2009 Penang Hill VS (Below) 2005 Penang Hill, Mika. It did upgraded a lot.

Round 3pm, we checked in at Bayview Beach Resort. Very messy carpark, but the hotel is very nice inside, especially the garden with the swimming pool. Its not cheap but i enjoyed my stay.
Oh god~ I experienced the worst JAM in my life during the night. Damn! its like not moving at all and im stuck on my way to the Penang Bridge for 1 hour. I'll say KL's federal highway is better than tat =.= We rushing for BBQ at Ben's house in Bukit Mertajam. Im 2 hours late :P
Penang food wise *Yummy Manage to EAT: Penang Road Lobak, Loh Mee, Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Teow, Jawa Mee, 7-Village Kuey Teow Soup, Wan Tan Mee and the best Buffet Breakfast in Bayview Beach Resort! Really the best buffet breakfast compare to my other experience in Hotels over Malaysia.

Really enjoyed my balik kampung trip this time ^^


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

Eating is alwiz my PRIORITY, fren... Btw, excuse me, dat day macam u eat more den me o...LOL XD

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

Btw, i've been trying 2 create a tag cloud bt dunno hw 2 embed da html inside... ned sum help here... hehe...

XtasyM said...

I'll check it out for u... update u later ^^

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