*66 - My 1st "Forced" Saving ^^ eTiQa Takaful

Everywhere i go... everyone i met... will say the same thing... "You have to SAVE for rainy days" In fact, saving is very important, but exactly how many people manage to do it? Especially in your working life, its harder to save...
I came across this islamic saving in Jusco, Bukit Tinggi Klang. They had a roadshow to promote eTiQa Takaful to the public, especially non-muslims. Out of curiosity, i sat down and got them explain to me wat actually this eTiQa Takaful is about.

Its a islamic saving (Takaful) that opened for non-muslims in the recent years. For my age of 22, i'll be taking its Mesra Plan which contracts for 30 years with a interest of 5.5% to 8% per annum. Minimum saving per month is rm100. It even comes with a life and permanent disability insurance. There's other benefit like no service chargers etc. tat you'll need to check it out urself :)

Lets do some math here... rm100 per month for 30 years (age of 52 O.o)... i'll save a total of rm36,000... with a average interest of 6-7% per annum, i'll assume there's at least rm70-80k... So i'll say at least i'll have a rm100k at the age of 52... (you may not earn money at all if u stop between the 30 years, but at least there's a saving) Kinda like my retirement fund huh? I signed up and paid for the 1st 2 months on this.

Asked my dad for advise, he said tat most worker cant even save a rm100, i'll need serious financial management to save tat EVERY MONTH... so i guess i'll hav to plan every expenditure from now on huh, since i got no stable income yet =.= just make tat my retirement fund or my children's education fund then... LoL... Frankly, its just rm100, not big money but not small either... Stop clubbing once then i'll have that rm100 ^^

Although im late starter but glad i started somehow... What about u? Manage to save for urself? Why not check out other plans offered out there and share it here :)

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