*73 - Your Car Petrol, How Much Do U Know?

Did you know the octane number of the fuel selling here?
Did you know wat's the diff of each brand's fuel?
Did you know wat fuel exactly you are pumping into your car?
And finally, did you know RON95 fuel is coming and wat is it?
I guess everyone should be able to differentiate Diesel from Petrol (but somehow my college felo, En.Fahmi still manage to pump diesel into his car O.o), but it seems like 99 out of 100 doesnt know wat's the difference between petrol grades. In Sept, a new fuel RON95 will be introduce into the market and replaces RON92 fuel with some price adjustments. I think i can share a bit of wat i know here.

RON=research octane number. Most car can actually run on fuel with octane number above 91, unless you are driving a very very old car or a Lamborghini, then you may need higher RON fuel. Currently, every fuel selling in Malaysia pumps are RON92 and RON97. Both unleaded. So, wat makes the Brand diff? Some may say Shell more powerful, Petronas give better mileage etc. Its the additives added. The fuel is the same, RON92 or RON97 fuel, with diff additives.

There are many theories and rumours going around on the Shell V-Power that are priced at rm2.05. Shell website publish that V-power is a RON98 fuel. But official statement from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry state tat fuel is controlled by the government and only RON92 and 97 is available in the market which i believe so. Very reliable automotive news site Paultan.org also state that V-Power is juz a RON97 fuel with special additive mix. SO in another word, you are paying extra for the additives.

By Sept, the new fuel RON95 will be replaceing current RON92 fuel at a price hike of rm0.05 to rm1.75. While the so called "normal" RON97 fuel will be increase rm0.20 or more to at least rm2. So the question is, which fuel will you choose?

Government encourage people to use the new RON95 fuel and enjoy a lower price. I agree that. In normal cars (not those supercars of course), you wont feel the diff of RON95 and RON97 fuel, even the diff of RON92 with 97 is also neglectable. The old carburetor car may need some adjustment of the ignition timing, fuel injection cars will be "plug and play". I'll truely recommend you to use the new RON95 and save more money rather paying for the premium tat you dont need...


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

seriously if u don tell, i don't knw a single thg abt da petrol... jz knw hw 2 pump da petrol niaa... haha

XtasyM said...

hehe... need to know at least the basic bout choosing which fuel to pump into ur car... or else u wont know wat actually u are paying for also... lol

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