*74 - The Waterfall Hike

060609 - I was camping with my dad and my uncle's family at Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. Yes, its a fish sanctuary, operated by Jabatan Perikanan Selangor. You'll know why later. A very nice place indeed. Bac to the mother nature...
On the road to the destination, we passed through a dam that was so beautiful, too bad i was driving so i cant take any photos. After a full 2 hour drive from my house (with lunch break at McDonald's on the way), finally we reach the entrance.
You wont believe there were so many cars parking at the side of the road. Didnt know so many people came here for a swim, hehe...
The brothers on the way walk to the sanctuary. Same height, same colour shirt, same BIG belly =.= oh god... (my dad on the right)
After a 5 mins walk, you'll reach the compound of the fish sanctuary. An open space with toilet and office built there.
This is our tents. Still unpacking our things.
And of course the very important kitchen area. My cousin brother prepared so much variety of food O.o its totally not like we came for camping.
Since we settle down everything around 4pm, we hav our tea break. Very delicious home-made Pohpiah !!!
Penang style! Juicy type... not like those sold locally tat are very dry ^^
Of course we must hav a place to wash our dishes... and mayb our toilet too :P this is the river at the side of our campsite.
Did u ever saw fruits suddenly grow from a tree trunk b4? There's 3 fruit from the big trunk O.o My dad says its called CANCER of the plants... LoL
Its time to bath~
And we caught a fresh water crab ^^
We hav our camp fire since evening b4 the sun goes down. The smoke did help a lot in preventing mosquitos.
A photo tat looks very special. He is my cousin brother... starting fire on the BBQ set
Dinner... is BBQ time... As usual, chicken, mutton, there's something NEW to me... We put cheese on top of the mushrooms and BBQ... taste kinda good too... we also BBQ capsicum... it taste so good and HOT ^^
Due to the fact tat we forgot to bring the lamps... so we had a full candle light dinner ^^ very very romantic dinner...
The main purpose we came here is to hike to a waterfall. This is a map of the route we took.
You'll be hiking through the jungle...
And 6 very challenging river crossing... The water current are kinda strong...
Each with signs like this... Arrgghh... crossing no5 only... 1 last one to go!!
Oya... i mentioned tat this is a FISH sanctuary... the rivers here were protected... no fishing are allowed... which is why you can see a lot of fishes in the river... During river crossing, the fish were just swimming around you... This is a truly special experience to me... The last time im so near with the fishes was in Redang... in the sea... this is the 1st time i had such experience in the river ^^
Along the way u can see many special sceneries...
Including this pure white mushrooms... must be very poisonous... hehe
And that's our destination... the waterfall...
Had a great time swimming there... there are many "ang mo" around too... Most women are in bikini too :P The best water sport in the pool is rock diving... Its very very deep near the waterfall area... thus a jump into the water from the rock will be FUN ^^

A very nice place for frens to go along... Most people didnt camp there... they make it a one day trip... I'll certainly wanna go again... So i guess i can organise a one day relaxation trip with NTY after we settle everything on our new house XD


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

I love adventure, bring it on dude! Bt make sure it's on da RIGHT DATE, else u'll see me lan lan like our trip 2 Gua Tempurung =.=

Btw, da "albino" mushroom is nice... White is still the best =)

jfook said...

Eeee..So nice....
LOL.I enjoy nature too...I wanna go Bako National Park..No one accompany me..Sigh..Jio me to go there..I wanna join..LOL..:P

XtasyM said...

Sure... No prob... will ask u along if we organise a trip like this ^^

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