*142 - Yasmin, Your Legacy Will Live On

Respected Yasmin Ahmad... A true promoter of unity and 1Malaysia! All her work u'll see racial integration, family values and love... I'm here to share with the world on her touching meaningful ads and movies...

SEPET trailer - Love story of a chinese guy and a malay girl
GUBRA trailer

Ads: (Appreciate the underlying meaning)

Chinese New Year Ad 1

Chinese New Year Ad 2

Merdeka Unity Ad

Family Love Ad 1

Family Love Ad 2 (this is the most touching ad tat made me shred my tears..)

Last but not least... Latest interview by The Star on July 21st

You made us laugh, you made us feel, you made us cry and you made us aware of Malaysian Unity... May you be with Allah and rest in peace...

Most video links from Michelle and Flyguy.

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