*141 - LOVE Life? LIVE your life!

Inspired post by LoveLife and Love Your Life!!!

Most of the ppl including me will say "I Love Life"... But did u truly LIVE your life?

Many people is wasting their life time while others demand more time to live... How irony... From Buddhism, i'd learnt to accept fragility and uncertainty of life... As i always said, i may die in a car crash later... Its never a negative thinking that should be "pantang" off... It's a motivating reminder for me to reflect upon my life, "did i live my life and has no regrets?"

Why not ask urself... If u really die now, what u things u havent done? What matter are u still regretting? Think about it... Dont go "choi choi choi"! You'll tend to regret after avoiding this question for your life...

Miss your parents and wish to tell them how u love them?
Do It Now!
Dont dare to let someone know u love em?
Didnt give ur best doing something u wanna accomplish?
Make a change!
Most importantly... Never help someone in need before?
Please... Now!

You LOVE Life? Then LIVE your life... and help others in need to LIVE their life too...


sHiN wEi said...

i saw this charity ads before oso...very touching program done by those taiwanese artists...I LOVE LIFE!!

Chili Crab said...

I heard that there's a buddhist activity which intend to let people know the feeling when you are gonna die soon and understand what you really want in your life.

XtasyM said...

wah... this one i never heard of it O.o got details of it? how they did tat?

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P