*143 - People Pleasing, Good Or Bad?

Did u ever thought before this question? Afraid of hurting ppl or so called pleasing others is an act of goodness or bring more harm to urself?

Frankly, i mostly put others before me... Nothing to brag about but i did it most of the time... And i was more a people pleaser before i learnt the world in the hard way...

No... We shouldn't hope for returns to help a person... Thus this isnt a question about how the person repay u... Its about wat favour others ask u for... If u'd been a YES man all this while... you should already notice something... People treat u like a doormate... Stepping above you... somewhat abused ur kindness by asking ridiculous request without thinking on your behalf...

There's a saying, "If you please everybody, you're pleasing nobody"... since there is always no perfect win-win solution... u cant satisfy everyone... there's always somebody to lose... its either one of them or YOU...

Sometimes we really got no choice but to embrace the art of saying no... Reminding others to think for other people isnt a bad thing at all...

Draw your line. Pleases the right people and kick those dracula's ass!

People Pleaser Check Out Point:
Signs of a People Pleaser
* says yes, even when their mind says no.
* devastated when they think someone doesn’t like them.
* would rather feel personal pain than displease another.
* cringes at the first sign of friction.
* willing to fail in the name of pleasing another.
* lost their own sense of unique personality and belief.
* not willing to speak up for themselves.
* loses sleep over the slightest altercation with another.
* feels out of control when they think another human being may disagree with what they’re doing.
* starts to see their desire to please others as a separate part of themselves. Separate from the rest of who they are as an individual.

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Cai Hong said...

Signs of a People Pleaser,
i am clearly one of them

but they says its not good
counselling teacher said:"look,just because u too care ppl feeling,the consequence are so bad for you ."

XtasyM said...

yeah... tat's y im writing bout it... me too... had to draw my line b4 i please everyone... hmmm

mil0chel said...

Great post.. made me think... hmm...

*just dropping by*

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P