*19 - Recent update of the long lost me

Had my most enjoyable NTY penang trip (or Penang-BM trip as wat michelle call it) ever... 4th to 9th of June... went to a few new undiscovered part of penang... hehe... that is Ben's house, then Kee's house n lastly Michelle's house... received a 5-star hospitality that the Gurney Hotel cant even come close :)
some reviews on the New Proton SAGA BLM... drove on Tambun night travelling overseas*... surprisingly comfortable and spacious interior... a lot improvement on the noise level compared to the old saga... everything seems so nice until u step on the rev pedal :/ the new saga body seems heavier than the old saga, wif the same capacity engine, 1300cc it's hard to pull the car against it's inersia... even if u rev until 4k rpm... (or mayb it only happens in michelle's car, since she is inside... so u know la... higher mass will result in higher inersia :P) if u having a budget of 30k... i'll simply recommend u get a new saga rather than a kancil or kelisa... u wont regret !!

* Over the strait of malacca... which is under the penang bridge :P
back from the so called kem "keusahawanan" at malacca (the MOST relaxed camp i ever participate in my lifetime)... it was suppose to be a MTM leadership type of camp... because the policy of BHEP that restrict students from organising kolej camps outside of UPM, my miss president, kak Intan Suraya gave the camp a more glamour name... entrepreneur camp =.=... dun play play ar~

1st of all... we went to malacca with the most luxurious bus in UPM. Why i said tat? See for urself... it even hav 2 drawings hang at the rear of the bus... wat a great enhancement to the ambience =.=
My everyday food there was RED vegetables -_-|||... the best part of RED vege is it has toxin-releasing properties... or in mandarin we call it "pai2 du2"... thus toilet visiting is an essential part of our camps...
The best food i had in Hotel Lisbon is my favourite Peppermint chocolate-chip ice cream! Yummy~

i didnt expect they give everyone of us a bed... which means 2 person in a room at Hotel Lisbon... n SEAVIEW !!! God damn~ where all these money comes from... they spent rm13k u know...
Night view of Lisbon Hotel, Malacca
Seaside of Hotel Lisbon... Great sunset view

That's a great family of MTM i'll say... which all our Bris (Bro and Sis) contribute to the "family bond"... works together, plays together, without the barrier of race, religion and custom... this is the 1st time i see Malaysia which i dont even feel it in my biomedic class... Unfortunately, there is always someone that doesnt fit into the elites of MTM malays... the biomedic-you-know-who is still showing his ignorance and doesnt contribute to every single aspect during the camp even he is the Top6... to be a leader, please lead by example... how will u expect the others to obey to you next time?
The office of Proposal Producing Unit... lol
Proposal presentation... tat's Yusri up on stage!!!

im kinda confused actually... is the kem keusahawanan is a camp or a vacation? coz we given a great time visiting shopping complexes n of course, historical monuments (the last time i visit should be during primary, who will go to tat kind of place after entering secondary ??)
A group tour from tadika xxx (cant remember) were well entertained by a local begging =.= singer... u should be there... the feeling is so warm with sing-a-long and all the children's laughter...

Fully rusted staircase handle n the rotten wood fencing =.= A good "sign" to remind u that u r at the historical fifteen century ground...
A great city view from the fort... No wonder the portugis can spot enemy ships from here... saw the big tiang there? is the new "transportation" tat lift u up in the air for a even more thorough view of malacca...

Wei... look at the next pic... doesnt it looks like i'm visiting in portugal? Coz a potugis is asked to help the tourist from Malaysia to take photos -_-|||
I wonder y these Malaysian girls are asking a Mat Salleh tourist to help them? who should be the tourist tat deserve a warm welcome?

we even visited the muzuem of istana kesultanan melaka... with lots of statue n stories (which i hate it alot... history!!!!) me, siang and weng had a very interesting finding... Those guy in melaka muz be really respect every character... look at the picture carefully... dont miss out any detail~
Yes!!! They even wear BRA!!! i bet they get bra sponsorship on tat...

Haih~ with all the happy memories above... here comes a bad news... as in chinese proverb: le4 ji2 sheng1 bei1... i lost my few months old rm700... w580i which worth rm1050 for a new one in the market... WTF... someone actually came into my room to pay a visit n took it as a souvenir... wanted to curse tat guy but after settling down... aih... hope he enjoys the phone la... =.= wat to do~
At near 5am now... it is way pass my bedtime... with germany and croatia both wins wif 1-0 score... mourning for my lost w580i... and feeling remorse for not really appreciate my wife's effort trying to cheer me up juz now... sorry~

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