*20 - Alcohol Indulgence

As the price of petrol is rocketing day by day... i hereby found the best principle of life...

after a simple analysis, we will hav:

1. reduced rate of death from accidents

2. reduced traffic jams, less vehicle & less "kehpo" watching the accidents

3. reduced cost of alcohol as a result from economics of scale

4. improve economy, since increase petrol demand only dampen the economy

5. and we have a HAPPY society !!!

so... wat u think? we should DRINK rite?

No no... not this one... Tao's AK-47~

The best cocktail i had so far... or i mayb juz dont enjoy the last few cocktails i had years ago ?? =.=

"A cocktail is the cheapest luxury item you can buy"

1/3 oz. Brandy
1/3 oz. Whiskey
1/3 oz. Gin
1/3 oz. Vodka
1/3 oz. Rum
1/3 oz. Bourbon Whiskey
1/3 oz. Cointreau
1/3 oz. Lime (Fresh)
Fill with Soda Water

This is wat i found from net... but Tao's uses PeelFresh Orange juice rather than fresh lime O.o watever~ after somemore reading on this AK47... found out tat some bars change it's name if they use orange juice base... they name it M16 -_-|||

Ben said AK47 contains chivas taste... as the ingredients includes whiskey, no doubt it has a chivas taste... actually its a fermented cereal smell :)

Cointreau, a liqueur made from brandy and orange peel, in the AK47... enhances the orange taste...

suprisingly... AK47 hav Brandy... 40-60% alcohol spirit distillinig from wine... something i dont understand though... AK17 suppose to be a cocktail... which uses a martini glass but not a Brandy Snifter !!! =.=

Martini Glass
Brandy Snifter

In conclusion, wif all the advantages of drinking and it's natural ingredients for making alcoholic drinks tat isnt present in today's tidbits... it better to DRINK... especially compared to driving... Muahahahaha~ XD

PS: i gotta die of alcohol toxification wif 12 bottles of 40% sponsored by Mika's mum for his 21 party tomorrow night at Bukit Tinggi :/ (wow... 1 sentence wif full of points)

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