*163 - Stupid Red Tape & Counters

How best i spent 3 hours in Kastam to collect my parcels =.=

I'd been asked to go from counter 1, to room 2, then counter 5, then 6, then back to room 2, then counter 4, then 5, bla bla bla................ O.o still a long list...

The best is when they ask me to verify my items at the pharmacy department... The pharmacy department is at the opposite building... and for ur information, the opposite building is NOT so near n its unpractical to walk there =.=

At the Pharmacy department, “u kena fotostat ini borang satu copy untuk saya" ok... so i ask where i can get a photostat service... The place tat suppose i can get my photostated copy said "Rosak, boleh try kat jabatan lain", then the jabatan-lain said "takde photostat, pergi tingkat 3" bla bla bla, then i get a piece of photostat for 20cents................ O.o

They are using an ONLINE kastam system... and 1st thought was... wow... Malaysia so high tech... but next thing i saw beside me is a piece of paper saying "terima kasih kerana sabar menunggu, boring kastam akan diproses dalam 20-30 minit bergantung kepada server online kastam" WTF O.o

Why cant they make things more efficient a bit? I was holding a pile of 10 papers at least with my item sample running up n down... They waste papers for all sorts of borang, waste ppl's time, waste energy, waste this waste that... Arrgghh! And they are using a computerized ONLINE system =.=

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