*160 - My Biological Clock Gone Haywire

My class resumed from the "deadly" h1n1 holiday... But i still sleep at earliest of 4am =.= That week of holiday just screwed my biological clock!

I sleep at 4.30 yest night today's dawn... and suppose to wake up at 8.45am but as usual i cant... The worst is im feeling sleeping not in the morning, not in the afternoon but during the evening... And just now i slept from 5 something straight to near 8pm... See how good am i? LoL...

"To rest is to prepare for a longer journey!" That's the best Chinese saying tat i love so much... (since it comforts my guilt XD)

Just woke up at 8pm... So wat time im expecting myself to go to sleep tonight? O.o

*The cycle continues~


Tammie said...

goodness. 4am? haha... if i sleep that 'early' every morning, i'd probably end up having flu+fever+eye bags..lol.i'm amazed u can do it.

XtasyM said...

lol... still very healthy while doing it... u know why? the most important thing is u still sleep enough during the DAY! :P

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P