*158 - Oily Diarrhea... Fuck That Fish

Still remember that yummy marmite cod fish i had in gasoline, look out point during Yuki's birthday celebration?

Fuck it! Its NOT a COD fish!

Since yesterday im having oily diarrhea... Yes... Only oil came out of me, orangish yellowish oil... Im sure most of u experienced it unless u dont like fish =.= This is wat happened...

That stupid fish is not a cod fish... Its called escolar or oilfish... Taste exactly like cod fish though (suddenly i understand how the hell will a BIG piece cod cost only rm15.90)... The fish stores waxy esters in its body to help in buoyancy... Human body cannot digest tat waxy esters thus it will be excreted through the end of ur digestive tract, as OIL...

This symptom is called keriorrhea, the discharge of orange-coloured, waxy diarrhoea... Its not harmful to body but it definitely cause inconvenience... But im sure i wont be constipate for a while since my rectum is well lubricated =.=

Next trip i'll go n tell the manager off to change tat labelling on the menu... This is misleading! Gotta go threaten them with legal action for mislabel on their products! I will do that...

More Readings:
Pubmed Journal: Fish-induced Keriorrhea
Canadians Mislabelled Oilfish


c0co said...

oil fish=x...sure very oily and gelly...=x~*

KeyrOL Zaman Razak said...

oily diarhea..
Fuck that fish~~~

Tammie said...

lol.we were both cursed by fish. read my new post tmr. arghhh... fish.. hope u r doing better now.

SuFang~Sophia said...

oily diarrhea..eewww.. i jz cursed manhattan fish market ysterday for serving me sticky n oily fish..

XtasyM said...

There's this oily diarrhea prob from manhantam's "cod" fish also u know... (my fren experienced it)

lol.. hope u ok :P

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P