*125 - Heineken's Scream Epidemic

Damn! I just heard my frens telling about the new (not so new) Heineken ad... And wasnt aware tat it had already gone viral over the net O.o
The Walk-in fridge ad did made my day ROFL... It featured the overexcited crazy scream from the guyz... So why cant a guy be as excited like the girls? Yeah we can! XD LoL

Then i got to know from Boss Timothy blog tat there a follow up on the 1st ad... called the "Walk-ing Fridge" =.= Still it featured the World's Most Influential Scream! LoL... Check it out...

I guess it did inspired some heavy weight ppl... I just cant believe tat Timothy leads his team to start a spoof video on the ad O.o Still... damn hilarious XD and thumbs up for the good work... If im the Malaysia's Heineken Boss... I'll certainly buy tat video to be official ad here ^^

Lets see wat they did :D

Yaya... i had to admit wat Michelle said... Everyone loves Heineken! And it just drive many of them screaming MAD~



Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

Haha... this is funny..

2mr wat tym r u coming bck o??? Ksks tipu me saying wan 2 go Damansara, nw I "lor lor luen" dee..

HockSeng said...
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Nana Lana said...

haha, watched da first ad several months ago frm da singapore channel wen i was back in jb.. muahahahaha!

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P