*88 - Internet Dependent Syndrome (IDS)

Holy shit... Im infected with IDS... Recent research shows no cure yet for this desease T.T

Today the doctor, TM net, stop my prescription of my drug, Streamyx at 2pm to diagnose IDS infection... Diagnostic procedure was carried out for TEN full hours until now at 12am =.=

Unfortunately, report shows that i had intense withdrawal syndrome from internet and im diagnosed as a IDS patient... HELP! I dont wanna die~

The withdrawal was awful... I cant sit, cant stand, cant sleep, cant shit... NO la... just kidding... I keep checking out on the counter when is my drug available... n i truly hate the doctor for taking away my drug... I was having a business chat u know... taking away my drug suddenly makes me cant continue my daily chores =.=

Imagine how am i going to survive without Streamyx in my new condo next week =.= I need the pills :/

Anyway, juz let me drown in IDS... Like taking morphine, at least its euphoric on me ^^ Muahahahaha~


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

u cn alwiz go over 2 McD for temporary cure... =.=

- yungchien - said...

hahaha i think i have IDS too ^^
came over from innit :D
nice post, haha :p


XtasyM said...

Michelle: Wah... McD really very temporary wor... Everyday coke n i shall see the real doctors with real pills soon :D

Yungchien: Thx. I guess bloggers are all stuck on the internet huh :) Nice to meet u...

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P