*33 - Night of Diuresis (PHD)

FYI, PHD = Permanent Head Damage. The content of this post is purely crap that shouldnt be used as reference. Still its written based on evidence.

Had one cup of concentrated old town white coffee at 3am. Wonders how much is the caffeine concentration? Seems like its doing adverse effect on me. Caffeine is a diuretic drug in the Xanthine category. For sure its available over the counter, i can even obtain it in a coffee shop =.=

Referring to its diuretic properties, it does increase my urine flow rate (urine production) as i went to toilet 3 times in just 2.5 hours. It somehow reduce my sodium chloride reabsorption which increase the osmolarity of my tubular fluid. Osmosis will occur in the direction of kidney medulla into the nephron. As a result, higher volume of urine will be produced with side effect of potential dehydration of my cells. It may cause electrolyte imbalance with hypokalemia and hypocalcemia.

According to my pharmacological lectures, to reduce the effect of hypokalemia and hypocalcemia, i should take my coffee with combination of thiazides and K+-sparing diuretics. Thiazide will help in retaining calcium ion by increase my reabsorption of calcium ion from my tubular fluid. K+-sparing diuretic will reduce my pottasium loss. I'll choose triamterene rather than spironolactone for K+-sparing diuretic because it wont inhibit my aldosterone function that further induce water loss.

Besides that, I may need administration of IV fluid to compensate water loss from my coffee intake. But the problem is IV fluid that is isotonic of hypotonic will actually increase my renal blood flow and further increase my glomerular filtration rate. Thus, in order to reverse that effect, i'll have mannitol too, to maintain water balance.

As a conclusion, I better not to take any coffee next time as the consequences is so damn confusing and i need so many drugs to compensate the effect of caffeine. Muahahahahaha~

WTF !!! What am i doing ................ O.o|||

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