*32 - Last word for MTM

"Well, as I was saying earlier (grrrrrr...), its so surreal that my tenure as a MTM is ending very soon… Its sort of strange to realise that I won’t be called down for meetings and events frequently anymore. Orientation Week and Pembantu Universiti doesn’t seem like a year ago. The day I became Bendahari of MTM doesn’t seem like a year ago (although it really was one year ago)." (Vivian Lee, 2009)

Quite a few times u tried to encourage my participation in all sorts of activities and meetings, i understand that. Yes, our tenure of MTM is going to end soon. Recent meetings and events will be our very last time. Im also aware that i didnt show much commitment in those meetings and events.

The fact is, Im tired. I understand what u said on result isnt everything. But still i'll prioritize my result rather than activities. And of course, above results there will be a lot of other things. I prefer to go home, even staying at college while spend my weekends with family, wife and friends... Do the things i like to do (including sleeping :P) and be happy... Not to say i dont like activities and organising events but just i dont feel like spending so much time till i got no air for my personal life ;)

Im sure next sem i'll be more relax and relief. Things will be slow moving a bit rather rushing to comply the "working culture" of the malay officers. Frankly, i just cant understand and cant accept the fact that they can spend a whole night doing one thing that can be done in one hour or two... For me, i'll opt for the most effective and efficient way and finish it fast. Yes, it will improve each and every members relationship by sticking together to complete a task with all those chit chating by staying awake, but i choose to rest myself. I'll certainly choose to finish it in a few hours and go back to sleep... and therefore u wont be seeing me staying awake whole night to "accompany" everyone. Its a different way of doing work. Nothing personal.

Time flies... cannot deny that every event in MTM does leave a footprint in my life... I'll cherish the moment that we all worked together... And hopefully our friendship will be as solid as diamond even after retiring from MTM, not just a "superficial-official-bro-and-sis" relationship...


Vivian Lee said...

lol, first time you left a comment on mine, so i should leave a comment on yours. Hehehe, gave me a surprise when I saw my own familiar words on your blog!

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way when I said those things about the results. I didnt mean to question your commitment or anything, because hey, you ALWAYS show up when the mtm needs you, and thats all that really matters.

I was just tryin to tell you what I felt, like I've seen the bigger picture somewhat this past year. For me that is. But maybe the bigger picture for me and the bigger picture for you are different things. Don't know if i'm makin any sense:P

well, I am very glad you were an mtm. How else would we have met, 'old friend'?:P

Remember us after you move out;) we'll have a once a semester reunion or something!

Vivian Lee said...

hey can i add a link to your blog on mine?:p forgot to ask.

or would you rather i not?

XtasyM said...

hehe... its nothing... i didnt feel offended or wat... dont worry... frankly, its good if u found urself a belonging family of MTM ^^ not much ppl can archieve that u know ;)

sure... u can add link to my blog... wei... got msn address or not? add me...

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