*16 - Spirit of bioMAD notice

hoooh~ finally i done the 3 notices design that will be using during the biomed orientation, BioMAD Odyssey... To be more precisely, they are use in the game called Spirit of bioMAD... In one station, they need to search these 3 notices on the faculty's notice board and take a photograph of it as prove... Spent around 7 hours (5-12am) to get these done, although it mayb no big deal for you guyz out there but im the one always short of ideas... swt~ anyway, i need comments and suggestion for these 3 notices for enhancement... i'll take from anyone... not juz coursemates only :)

this is the 1st one i did... biohazard sign XD huhu~ biomed is dangerous stuff...
the 2nd one... biomed syllabus of studies... :P parental advisory for "explicit" content...
the 3rd one... which i run out of ideas edi -_-||| ... so y not something bout the faculty... wifi-enabled~
so... comments?? suggestions?? complaints?? or even objections??

Michelle, if u r reading this, it mayb easier for u to download from here to print it on A4 paper since tomorrow morning i'll be in Penang edi (cant send u online)... hehe... oya... juz a suggestion, better buy new ink cartridge to print all biomed stuff n claim the club :P


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

It's ok... dwnlded alrdy... I'll print it using my remaining ink... Donwan 2 claim club dee lahh, aftr all I'm da treasurer... Our acc really nt enuf money dee... Haih n summore couldn't estimate da club fees needed 2 collect cuz da t-shirt punya guy hvn't reply me on da price yet... He said ned 2 discuss wif his dad...

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