*15 - a little treat for my wife

Holiday... a period of free time wif nothing to do... Its time to do something for my honey again... Actually i cant recall wat's the last gift i did for her... Cham~ short-term memory loss =.=

After a few days' rumination... along with the search of inspiration almost everywhere... i opt to do a "photo sculptur"... Took few weeks to finish it but actually one can did it in one day... i got too much appointments n STY trip to attend... wakaka :P

Adobe Photoshop CS
Wood plank
Black paint

Picked 4 photos for my sculptur... it includes our 1st photo during her form2 n my form5... hehe... edited with adobe photoshop CS to colorize it wif Hue no. 220 (blueish) to match wif the black base...
after printed all the photos, measurement are taken to estimate the width of the base... photos are trimmed accordingly too...
this is the part tat i dont like :P this plank i got is so hard to saw... n so much wood dust flying around... suppose my base should be 8 inch x 5 inch... i wonder wat im thinking tat time until i mistakenly saw it into 7x5 inch only O.o lucky its still enough for my project...
decided to make the base "chocolate bar" (this is wat my wife called it when she saw it XD) tell u... it is so damn hard to saw a straight line although the saw is straight -_-||| hehe... u'll know after u see the next pic... paiseh... or mayb my technique "cha" lo~
Sprayed it black... n did rough prototype of the sculptur... i used one day time to figure out how to erect all the photos... hehe... how stupid i am... wakaka...
at last i tried to put silicone in the "drain" of the base n hold the photos wif a few lighters... one by one... Poof~ one bad workmanship photo sculptur done !!! really ciu gang jin cha~ :P
jus hope u like it honey...

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