*256 - SciVerse ScienceDirect iPhone App

Yo! Been wanted to share this for quite sometime now... Was thinking to blog more since I acquired iBlogger app but somehow it didn't happen... Hmmm... Ok... I'm lazy :P

This will be a good news to all academic iPhone users... Or perhaps potential iPhone users too... In research, literature review plays a very major part... and I believe this addition to the wide range of iPhone apps indeed increases my iPhone value...

The new SciVerse ScienceDirect iPhone app is out! Best part bout it it's FOC!

"Need full-text but not at your desk? The SciVerse ScienceDirect iPhone app doesn't restrict your brainwaves to the workplace; now you can find and read any Elsevier article or book chapter while you're at a conference, travelling to and from work, or enjoying some rare downtime."

Without subscription, one shall only allowed to view a paper's abstract... but don't worry just yet... isn't ur institution subscripted to it?

What u need is just an email add under the institution's server domain... for UPM student, now u can finally visit to ur unknown or unused UPM email to access the subscription... go check out mutiara.upm.edu.my... u should have ur email of matricnumber@mutiara.upm.edu.my...

Now I understand the function of email provided by the institution... :)

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