*251 - How Open-minded Are You?

"How Open-minded Are You?"... a question that earns a lot of YESes from most ppl... but is it really so?

Or should i rephrase the question a little...

"How readily are you to accept a new concept or idea?"
"How readily are you to accept changes in life?"
"How good are you listening to peoples idea?"

Starting to get some NO now?

We often judge things... especially new things... with prejudice and stereotype without really learn the details of it... These bias actually prevent us from opening ourselves to new opportunities and ideas...

Most of the ideas suggested during meetings arent really that good... in fact they sucks... but does that means that we should label ideas during meetings as lousy and we shouldnt spend time generating them? Most of the idea arent good... but there's always at least one that are significant...

I guess its time for us to start learning on how to open ourselves to new concepts... Ask more... Listen more... Try to find out the truth behind everything... Then only u're in position to evaluate the new idea :)

We know wat we know... We may know wat we dont know... But most of the time we dunno wat we dunno!

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