*224 - Guess Where Am I?

Sorry for no update yesterday... wanted to but my place no line :( nvm though... got it now xD

I went bac home on fri night... and was so disappointed when my mum told me whole family wont be at home on sat morning till mon... Sat morning i decided to follow them... dun care my tues's final exam :P

Looks familiar?
This photo is dedicated to Ben... Ben, if u cant recognize which junction this is then i'll recommend u go jump down from condo balcony k :D
And this photo dedicated to Michelle... Her important link from UPM to her house... LOL
There'll will be many Penang post coming in... and I have a surprise for ya ;D


sEnGz said...

Ipoh? Ipoh? Take photos of the limestone caves along the toll ma.... but now I think there is a direct route to Penang di without need to stop at Ipoh toll.....

XtasyM said...

Still need to pass through Ipoh toll... Wanted to but tat time very heavy rain... Nothing to shoot :( we stopped by Ipoh for beans sprout chicken dinner... will post on tat :D

eredia said...

jump from condo balcony...ROFL!!

jfook said...

Go Penang before finals...LOL

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...


Bad ppl all ard... my mum jz called yset nite 2 tempt me on da hawker food... T_T

N nw, u'r bck in Penang!!!

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P