*207 - Daniel's Departure, KLIA

As u all knew Daniel flew to UK rite... Here's wat took place that morning :)

There he goes..... See u in London real soon xD

ps: it took me a day to upload all these.... WTF


CripsyCaiHong said...

hahaha all da best to ur bro
and why areu going to london/
to study?

XtasyM said...

for vacation n visit him :P hehe

Tammie said...

yerr.. i wanna go London toooooo~

haha..how long is he going to study there?

CripsyCaiHong said...

i also wan go ler kelvin ahahahaa

-DaN- said...

Hey Hey! Daniel here. haha.
Hey bro, thx for writing this post! Though U posted lots of the unglamorous photos, especially the china pek one =.= haha!

Yap. I'll definitely wait for you here! U know wat, if u stay overnight with me, it'll cost you 1.50 pound per night!! That's like RM9! Isn't it COOL and cheap?! haha. Anyway, If you come, i'll pay for your 1.50 pound la. haha~

CaiHong: I'll be studying Pharmacy here. :)

Tammie: I'll be studying here for four years. :)

Tammie and CaiHong: Do tell me if you're coming, I'll definitely bring u around! haha~ Mayb by then we'll get to know each other :)

E. Js said...

all the best daniel. =)

angeline said...

wow! all the best to him! pharmacy course is ain't easy de. see the pics u uploaded. danny grown up so much liao ar.. look like you eh!

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