*192 - I got a DSLR !

Just came back from TTDI... a huge pile of boxes, manual and plastic bags on my dining table caught my attention...

OMG... i cant believe my dad just spent rm2k on a new DSLR... Its a Canon EOS 1000D...
Cant get my hands off it YET... LOL... Been dreaming a while to play a DSLR... Test a few shots in my room and its nice! Its just... Nice... how to describe?
So cool~ Chun chun on time for my birthday shots xD 090909...

ps: No review currently... need sometime to play with it 1st :P


jfook said...

Expecting to see high quality pics in your blog huh? LOLz

Johnny Ong said...

this is the difference a dslr can provide. waiting for mine too .... one day .... one day

KeyrOL Zaman Razak said...

love it too~~
but i tak cukup duet lagi~~hehe

*sad mood~~

XtasyM said...

Jfook: still blur duno how to use all those settings leh...

Johnny: U'll hav it one day :) Then we can go photoshooting :D

Zaman: i didnt expect to hav one so early too... hehe

Nana Lana said...

damn shiok man!

*not nice not nice*
*messy bed*


d shot of ur watch, wallet is nice in a way~ lolx

g_yean_i said...

one question, why choose to take picture of your room? wanna show us how artistic your arrangement of room is? haha.. JK.. anyway, congrates on that~ It's a nice camera.. Canon~

XtasyM said...

lol... 1st test the camera is in my room ma... :D

Tammie said...



u're dad super cun XD

how i wish my dad would buy a dlsr.
i wannnnnnn one so bad.lol.

lucky u :) enjoy it!

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