*175 - Selamat Berpuasa!

Its the puasa month again! So to all muslims, Selamat Berpuasa!

I used to love puasa month a lot... especially the last 2 years when im staying in my hostel, college 17th UPM... So wat's so best about puasa month to a non-muslim like me?

The Night-life! Not the night-life u thought off... The other kind of nightlife... This is the month where at 3am u feel things are still "so happening" in college... Many were still awake... Hunting for food b4 morning... N i joined the fun! u'll sure see me in college cafe at 3am having my supper... Still remember my favourite very-heavy Roti Zam Zam! XD

Next, The Bazaar! There's this ramadhan bazaar for Buka Puasa at Sri Serdang there tat sure tempt my appetite... Roti John... Ayam bakar... Macam-macam pun ade!

Now tat i had moved out... So i guess there's no more Zam Zam for me... and i'll really miss k17 for tat :/

So i guess the conclusion its still the FOOD then :D Come n think about it... the best thing for a multi-racial country is to celebrate all the festivals together and enjoy every cultural FOOD! ^^


Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

alwiz thnk abt food niaa... fat dee lahh =.=

bUdaKeCik said...


wanna join us PUASA?:p

XtasyM said...

Michelle: LOL... food is the new weather!

Taq: 1Malaysia! but hor... i dont really can resist food leh =.= i cant even stay hungry for an afternoon... can try though :D

bUdaKeCik said...

try meh!
try half - day first!this what i did during my first time puasa!!

practice make perfect?LOL!

g_yean_i said...

you'd try berpuasa~ i used to berpuasa with my roommate, and it feels just okay! but then, i didn't quit water as i seriously can't live without water~ haha.. try it try it! it's fun! hehe..

2_Xiao 杰 said...

No matter where I gone,bulan rahmadan makes me miss d bazaar sickly nia~

XtasyM said...

lol.. i did always puasa half day d :D

NeoNuu - Dont Feed Him Too Much :P