*168 - Biomed Chinese Annual Dinner Special Moments :D

08082009 (CPP's birthday)

We had our Biomed Chinese Annual Dinner (CAD) at the ballroom of Palm Garden Hotel, Putrajaya. Its an event where all chinese biomed students from degree to PhD gather together.

We already had quite a complete album in Facebook... Thuss this post will only be uploaded with special moments i caught with my camera :)
1st of all, its the best photo showing how aggressively our emcee of the night (JFook) dancing on the stage :D the "Sorry Sorry" dance... but i feel should call "The Kung Fu Dance"... See pic O.o
Next is our Geisha of the table... WTF O.o
Food served during dinner... Rice, Fish, Chicken, Vege and Salad... Hmmm...
And the best is still the Salad!
The big guy in white shirt with vest... He is our "entertaining" representative that got sent up the stage by our table during the game session... U guyz are so mean on him, i like it! :P
This is wat happened when i brought my dearie there... "ah sou" pun kena bully!
"I saw mummy kissing santa claus~" but why somebody is kissing the napkin? Whose lips is tat?
This is the joy when u successfully get rid of ur "spare tyres"... (JFook)
And this is a problem when u need somebody to cover ur "spare tyres" lol... (Michelle)
The pic in the pic!
"Yam Seng" session at the end of dinner... Something tat we wont miss in chinese culture ^^
Ben, Kee, Shirley and Me...
And best of all... The Proposal~ XD


Tammie said...

aw so sweet! beautiful memories eh? :D

how come i never read about u blogging about ur gf? XD i wanna read.... XD

XtasyM said...

i sure did... check out the 9327 label :D but many old stuff though... (we just getting bac on track)

jfook said...

OMG..That's not spare tyre lah...Michelle has apple cheeks lah..Aduhmak..LOL...Got apple baru cute mah..

XtasyM said...

tat one is underneath ma... and dun make her fly ok... LOL

idysur tagem said...

oh mai.i saw a surprised buttsecks.

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

JFook: Thx u for the compliment *shy*... almost fly dee... haha

XtasyM said...

holy shit megat... LOL

dun fly michelle... u'll break the floor when u fall back down...

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