*166 - The Mirror Image CSL Phone!

Its CSL... The 1st local brand of handphone in Malaysia... So how proud of u on that?

Last year my dad bought a CSL phone for my youngest bro since its so cheap n yet full of features... Despite many times of factory visiting... The phone gave us something special... something... not really seen b4 in other phone though...

How good is that? Having a phone that shows "mirrored" screen... I'll say this is so damn cool! Imagine u reading ur msg on a mirror...

Best right?

Conclusion: NEVER buy CSL =.=


2_Xiao 杰 said...

I wish tat my eyes juz like the mirror, so only then shal I buy it~

Wat a sucks screen~

idysur tagem said...

haha..csl low quality product.yet everyone buy it cuz of it's price.

Tammie said...

HAHA. seriously?
that's so cool.



is that normal for CSL phones?lol.

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